Rasheed Broadbell of Jamaica celebrates after winning the 110m Hurdles

RABAT (May 28) — Rasheed Broadbell, the Commonwealth Games champion from Jamaica, pulled off a remarkable upset victory in the men’s 110m Hurdles at the 2023 Rabat Diamond League meeting on Sunday, defeating the American two-time world champion Grant Holloway. Broadbell secured first place with a meeting record time of 13.08 seconds in a -1.3 m/s headwind.

Despite a couple of faulty starts, Holloway got off to his customary explosive start and initially held a commanding lead over his competitors during the first half of the race.

However, in the final moments of the event, Broadbell, who finished with a strong surge in the last 20 meters, managed to close the gap and secure a significant win, overcoming his slow start.

“I am happy about how I performed today. I am pleased to get this win,” said Broadbell. “I managed to get this victory by being focused during the race.

“My goal this year is to execute well. I would like to thank the crowd here for being supportive and fantastic. I am getting ready for the world championship by staying healthy and in good shape.”

Grant Holloway Says Fans Distracted Him In Defeat To Rasheed Broadbell

Holloway, who recently achieved a dazzling time of 13.01 seconds on a street track at the Adidas Atlanta City Games and has consistently posted fast times this season, including 13.03 seconds and 13.05 seconds, was left surprised by the outcome. He had to settle for second place in Rabat with a time of 13.12 seconds.

Despite holding a commanding advantage for most of the race, Holloway said that the distraction from the fans threw him off.

“I am not happy about my performance today,” said a disappointing Holloway. “My goal was to finish first. The crowd was very loud, and they got me distracted.

“I’ll work harder now to get ready for the upcoming competitions, especially the World Championship, where my goal is to achieve the gold medal.”

Olympic champion Hansle Parchment of Jamaica delivered his best performance of the season, clocking a season-best time of 13.24 seconds and securing third place. Devon Allen of the USA finished closely behind in fourth position with a time of 13.25 seconds.

Rabat Diamond League Men’s 110m Hurdles Results

Wind: -1.3 m/s

  1. Rasheed Broadbell – JAM: 13.08 (MR, SB)
  2. Grant Holloway – USA: 13.12
  3. Hansle Parchment – JAM: 13.24 (SB)
  4. Devon Allen – USA: 13.25 (SB)
  5. Freddie Crittenden – USA: 13.43
  6. Rafael Pereira – BRA: 13.68
  7. Pascal Martinot-Lagarde – FRA: 13.69 (SB)
  8. Mohamed Koussi – MAR: 13.70 (SB)
  9. Damian Czykier – POL: 13.83 (SB)

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