2023 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships results

The 2023 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships results with Bryan Lindsay, and Katie Sherron were the overall champions, and Jennifer Harvey won her race as well.

2023 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships results
2023 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships results

The following are the 2023 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships results in Indianapolis. A total of six American records were established, highlighting the day, while Bryan Lindsay and Katie Sherron were the overall champions in the men’s and women’s respective contests.

Jennifer Harvey, 55, was among the record-breakers on the day after she ran an outstanding time of 5:25 to win the women’s 55-59 category, breaking the American Record of 5:27. For more information an detailed recap of the championship click here.

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2023 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships men’s overall results

NameAgeGun TimeChip Time
Bryan Lindsay42 M 4:24.614:24.61
Jaret Herter42 M4:29.954:29.95
Mark Guyer40 M 4:32.804:32.80
Michael Madsen50 M 4:37.024:37.02
Chris Bielsa-Brown42 M4:40.104:40.10
David Angell46 M 4:41.074:41.07
Thomas Burns41 M 4:41.324:40.72
Dan Cleary40 M 4:41.834:40.96
Christian Cushing55 M4:46.404:46.40
Christopher Hernand47 M4:46.904:46.90
Jonathan Bishard49 M4:48.074:48.07
Jasen Ritter48 M 4:48.234:47.10
Todd Straka56 M4:51.414:51.41
Michael Olson40 M 4:52.144:51.19
Brendon Moody41 M 4:53.964:53.96
Trent Bryson46 M 4:57.134:57.13
Caleb Chambers43 M 4:57.704:55.79
Brandon Daugherty41 M 4:58.114:58.11
Jeffrey Conston55 M 4:59.384:59.38
Chris White49 M5:00.704:57.81
Mike Nier58 M 5:03.435:02.64
Robb Awe49 M 5:03.915:02.53
Matthew Dipretore45 M 5:04.345:04.34
Rick Lee62 M5:05.735:05.73
Daniel King64 M5:08.405:08.40
John Borthwick59 M 5:10.285:10.28
Joseph Mora61 M 5:13.325:13.32
Timothy Mylin63 M 5:15.125:14.23
Dave Bussard63 M 5:16.285:16.28
Fred Torneden65 M 5:19.335:18.42
Mark Zamek60 M5:20.325:20.32
Roger Sayre65 M 5:20.985:20.98
Scott Siriano56 M 5:21.215:21.21
Matthew Cutrona53 M 5:21.365:20.07
Dale Flanders58 M 5:21.885:21.88
Chuck Bridgman62 M 5:21.885:21.21
Andrew Hector51 M 5:22.275:20.69
Christopher Rinaldi 53 M53 M5:24.455:23.22

2023 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships women’s results

NameAgeGun TimeChip Time
Katie Sherron41 F5:05.385:04.75
Perry Shoemaker52 F5:19.095:19.09
Hidi Gaff42 F5:22.435:22.43
Jennifer Harvey55 F5:25.005:24.99
Fiona Bayly55 F5:25.265:25.25
Angela Giuliani40 F5:25.385:25.37
Lisa Veneziano58 F5:35.315:35.31
Julie Mercado49 F5:43.915:43.90
Suzanne La Burt60 F5:45.885:45.87
Abby Dean51 F5:48.595:48.59
Doreen McCoubrie61 F5:52.595:52.58
Roxanne Springer59 F5:57.705:57.69
Deb Torneden62 F6:01.716:01.70
Melissa Chiti57 F6:11.646:11.63
Yasamin Dahlstrom45 F6:20.856:20.84
Hiroko Guarnieri48 F6:38.016:38.00
Theresa Hector45 F6:41.286:39.43
Brenda Osovski56 F6:41.826:41.81
Jeannie Rice75 F6:43.716:43.70
Cassandra Crane54 F6:48.766:48.75
Sabra Harvey74 F6:51.816:51.80
Jeanette Groesz73 F6:58.536:58.52
Suzanne Cordes63 F7:09.267:08.13
Carol Poenisch69 F7:13.007:10.98
Debbie Brathwaite64 F7:30.477:29.59
Gail Geiger59 F7:36.127:35.40
Susan Stirrat67 F7:47.407:45.39
Linda Cullison65 F7:55.337:53.77
Suzanne Ray71 F7:56.607:55.08
Hannah Phillips70 F8:26.768:25.61
Andrea McCarter76 F10:42.5610:42.56
Carol Patterson76 F11:00.1910:59.84
Joyce Hodges-Hite86 F15:27.4715:24.79
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