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Race Splits: Athing Mu opens season with 1:58.78 at NYC Grand Prix

Athing Mu dominated the women's 800m at the 2023 NYC Grand Prix with a time of 1:58.78, while World Indoor champion Ajee' Wilson faded to last place!

Athing Mu wins the 800m at 2023 USATF NYC Grand Prix
Athing Mu wins the 800m at 2023 USATF NYC Grand Prix

Olympic and world champion Athing Mu made a winning start to her season, delivering a dominating performance to leave her competitors in the dust. Mu, known for her strategic approach to racing, did not follow the pacemaker and instead chose to conserve her energy for a powerful finish. The strategy paid off as she pulled away from the field in the last 150m, securing her victory with a time of 1:58.73.

Below you will find the complete result and the 400m splits for each athlete today.

The Tokyo Olympic champion’s first 400m split was 59.57, placing her well behind the pacemaking duties of Brittany Ogunmokun initially. – Read more: How to watch and follow 2023 USATF NYC Grand Prix live streaming?

However, the 21-year-old American increased the tempo in the second half of the race, completing the next 400m in 59.16 to power away from the field and seal the victory. This was certainly a statement win for Mu in her season debut, showing that she’s in very good shape ahead of the U.S. Trials in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, in a surprising turn of events, Ajee’ Wilson, the World Indoor champion and the second-fastest this season, finished last. Wilson, who was expected to challenge Mu for the win today, shockingly faded towards the end of the race.

Ajee’ Wilson of USA in the women’s 600m at New Balance Games

She started strong with a 400m split of 59.74 and was well placed in fourth after the opening lap. However, the two-time world bronze medalist struggled in the second half, completing the second lap in 1:08.23, which led to her finishing in 11th place with a disappointing time of 2:07.97.

In the meantime, Sage Hurta-Klecker, another promising athlete from the United States, secured second place today behind Mu with a time of 2:00.77, while another American, Allie Wilson, narrowly missed the second spot and finished third with a time of 2:00.80.

Other notable performances included Charlene Lipsey, Olivia Baker, and Brenna Detra, who finished fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively. Kristie Schofield achieved a season’s best with a time of 2:01.57, finishing seventh. – Read more: Full 2023 USATF NYC Grand Prix results (June 24)

Below you will find the women’s 800m NYC Grand Prix results and splits today.

NYC Grand Prix 800m Results and Splits – Women’s Race

  1. Athing Mu (USA) – 1:58.73
    • 400m Split: 59.57 (Position: 2)
    • 800m Split: 59.16 (Position: 1)
    • Lane: 6
  2. Sage Hurta-Klecker (USA) – 2:00.77
    • 400m Split: 59.77 (Position: 5)
    • 800m Split: 1:01.01 (Position: 2)
    • Lane: 5
  3. Allie Wilson (USA) – 2:00.80
    • 400m Split: 59.86 (Position: 6)
    • 800m Split: 1:00.94 (Position: 3)
    • Lane: 8
  4. Charlene Lipsey (USA) – 2:01.03
    • 400m Split: 1:00.19 (Position: 10)
    • 800m Split: 1:00.85 (Position: 4)
    • Lane: 10
  5. Olivia Baker (USA) – 2:01.36
    • 400m Split: 59.95 (Position: 8)
    • 800m Split: 1:01.41 (Position: 5)
    • Lane: 3
  6. Brenna Detra (USA) – 2:01.39
    • 400m Split: 1:00.15 (Position: 9)
    • 800m Split: 1:01.24 (Position: 6)
    • Lane: 11
  7. Kristie Schofield (USA) – 2:01.57 (Season’s Best)
    • 400m Split: 59.62 (Position: 3)
    • 800m Split: 1:01.95 (Position: 7)
    • Lane: 9
  8. Heather MacLean (USA) – 2:01.66
    • 400m Split: 1:00.44 (Position: 12)
    • 800m Split: 1:01.23 (Position: 8)
    • Lane: 4
  9. Sammy Watson (USA) – 2:01.75
    • 400m Split: 59.88 (Position: 7)
    • 800m Split: 1:01.88 (Position: 9)
    • Lane: 2
  10. Madeleine Kelly (CAN) – 2:02.72
    • 400m Split: 1:00.39 (Position: 11)
    • 800m Split: 1:02.33 (Position: 10)
    • Lane: 1
  11. Ajee Wilson (USA) – 2:07.97
    • 400m Split: 59.74 (Position: 4)
    • 800m Split: 1:08.23 (Position: 11)
    • Lane: 7

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