Day 2- Nike 2023 Outdoor Nationals schedule and live stream

The 2023 Nike Outdoor Nationals continues today, on Friday, June 16 and the following is the order of event schedule for Day 2 at the four-day meeting being held at Hayward Field at the University of Oregon.

Day 2 will start at 10:00 a.m. local time in Oregon (Pacific Time) and 1:00 p.m. ET –with the boys’ Long Jump Emerging Elite event as well as the girls’ Discus Throw Championship competition. The Decathlon will also resume today at 1:30 p.m. ET, while the the Heptathlon for girls will start at 1:53 p.m. ET.

Live streaming coverage of the Day 2 at the 2023 Nike Outdoor Nationals on Friday, will be on Runnerspace for free! – Read more: How to watch the Nike Outdoor Nationals?

On-demand videos will be available here under RunnerSpace +PLUS. Signup here for RunnerSpace +PLUS.

Day 2 2023 Nike Outdoor Nationals order of event schedule

Day 2 – FRIDAY
Friday Track Events
10:30 AMBoysDecathlon110m HurdlesFinal
10:53 AMGirlsHeptathlon100m HurdlesFinal
11:09 AMBoysEmerging Elite100m DashPrelims
11:39 AMGirlsEmerging Elite100m DashPrelims
12:06 PMBoysChampionship100m DashPrelims
12:24 PMGirlsChampionship100m DashPrelims
12:33 PMBoysMiddle School800m RunFinal
12:53 PMGirlsMiddle School800m RunFinal
1:15 PMBoysEmerging EliteSprint Medley (2-2-4-8)Final
1:23 PMGirlsEmerging EliteSprint Medley (2-2-4-8)Final
1:31 PMBoysChampionshipSprint Medley (2-2-4-8)Final
1:47 PMGirlsChampionshipSprint Medley (2-2-4-8)Final
1:55 PMBoysMiddle School200m DashFinal
2:22 PMGirlsMiddle School200m DashFinal
2:49 PMGirlsHeptathlon200m DashFinal
3:01 PMBoysChampionship2000m SteepleFinals
3:31 PMGirlsChampionship2000m SteepleFinals
3:53 PMBoysChampionship4x200m RelayFinal
4:02 PMGirlsChampionship4x200m RelayFinal
4:07 PMBoysEmerging Elite4x800m RelayFinal
4:29 PMBoysDecathlon1500m RunFinal
4:45 PMGirlsEmerging Elite4x800m RelayFinal
5:07 PMBoysKids Sports60m DashFinals
5:31 PMGirlsKids Sports60m DashFinals
5:55 PMBoysChampionship4x800m RelayFinal
6:17 PMGirlsChampionship4x800m RelayFinal
6:41 PMBoysEmerging Elite100m DashFinals
6:50 PMGirlsEmerging Elite100m DashFinals
6:59 PMBoysChampionship5000m Run(Section1)Final
7:20 PMGirlsChampionship5000m Run(Section 1)Final
7:44 PMMixedChampionship4 x 400m RelayFinal
7:51 PMBoysChampionship100m DashFinals
7:56 PMGirlsChampionship100m DashFinals
8:01 PMMen’sProfessional800m RunFinal
8:07 PMWomen’sProfessional800m RunFinal
8:13 PMBoysChampionship5000m run (Section 2)Final
8:35 PMMen’sProfessional3000m SteepleFinal
8:47 PMWomen’sProfessional1500m RunFinal
8:55 PMGirlsChampionship5000m run (Section 2)Final
9:17 PMMen’sProfessional1500m RunFinal
9:27 PMMen’s/Women’sCoachesMileFinal
To follow Coaches MileEveryoneALLNick Symmonds’ Experience
Friday Field Events
10:00 AMBoysEmerging EliteLong JumpFinal
10:00 AMGirlsChampionshipDiscusFinal
11:15 AMBoysDecathlonDiscusFinal
11:30 AMGirlsHeptathlonHigh JumpFinal
12:45 PMBoysDecathlonPole VaultFinal
1:00 PMGirlsHeptathlonShot PutFinal
1:30 PMGirlsEmerging EliteLong JumpFinal
2:30 PMBoysEmerging EliteShot PutFinal
2:45 PMBoysDecathlonJavelinFinal
4:00 PMGirlsEmerging EliteDiscusFinal
4:30 PMGirlsChampionshipPole VaultFinal
5:00 PMGirlsChampionshipLong JumpFinal
5:00 PMBoysChampionshipShot PutFinal

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