Day 2 New Balance Nationals Outdoor schedule
Day 2 New Balance Nationals Outdoor live streaming schedule

Day 2 order of events and how to watch live streaming coverage at the 2023 New Balance Nationals Outdoor at Franklin Field in Philadelphia, PA, on Friday (16). The four-day meeting began on Thursday (15) with a lot of exciting competitions and fans can look forward to a similar day of competition from some other top middle and high school athletes in the country. (Scroll For Live Stream)

The live streaming coverage of today’s action will get underway at 8:30 a.m. ET with the Freshman girls discus throw final, while the “Rising Stars” boys’ 2 Mile run will kick-start the running events on the second day at 9:00 a.m. ET. The “Rising Stars” girls’ 2 Mile final takes place at 9:33 a.m.

There are several championship races taking place today on Day 2, with the live streaming broadcast closing out with the Championship 2000m Steeplechase races. – Read more: Results: Day 1 at the 2023 New Balance Nationals Outdoor

9:00 AMBoysRising Stars2 Mile RunFinal on Time
9:33 AMGirlsRising Stars2 Mile RunFinal on Time
9:58 AMBoysMiddle School2 Mile RunFinal on Time
10:22 AMGirlsMiddle School2 Mile RunFinal on Time
10:48 AMBoysFreshman2 Mile RunFinal on Time
10:59 AMGirlsFreshman2 Mile RunFinal on Time
11:11 AMBoysMiddle School200 MetersPrelims
11:24 AMGirlsMiddle School200 MetersPrelims
11:44 AMBoysChampionship100m DashPrelims
12:08 PMGirlsChampionship100m DashPrelims
12:27 PMBoysChampionship400m HurdlesFinal on Time
12:42 PMBoysRising Stars400m HurdlesFinal on Time
12:48 PMBoysFreshman400m HurdlesFinal on Time
1:00 PMGirlsChampionship400m HurdlesFinal on Time
1:15 PMGirlsRising Stars400m HurdlesFinal on Time
1:25 PMGirlsFreshman400m HurdlesFinal on Time
1:38 PMBoysChampionshipSwedish SMRFinal on Time
1:50 PMGirlsChampionshipSwedish SMRFinal on Time
2:02 PMGirlsChampionship100m DashSemi-Finals
2:10 PMBoysChampionship100m DashSemi-Finals
2:22 PMBoysRising StarsDistance MedleyFinal on Time
2:34 PMGirlsRising StarsDistance MedleyFinal on Time
2:54 PMBoysRising Stars4x200m RelayFinal on Time
3:07 PMGirlsRising Stars4x200m RelayFinal on Time
3:19 PMBoysChampionship4x200m Relay (All sections)Final on Time
3:40 PMGirlsChampionship4x200m Relay (All sections)Final on Time
4:04 PMBoysRising Stars4x800m RelayFinal on Time
4:24 PMGirlsRising Stars4x800m RelayFinal on Time
4:48 PMBoysChampionship4x800m Relay (unseeded sections)Final on Time
5:26 PMGirlsChampionship4x800m Relay (unseeded sections)Final on Time
5:37 PMBoysChampionship2 Mile Run (unseeded sections)Final on Time
6:10 PMGirlsChampionship2 Mile Run (unseeded sections)Final on Time
6:37 PMBoysChampionship4x800m Relay (seeded section)Final on Time
6:46 PMGirlsChampionship4x800m Relay (seeded section)Final on Time
6:57 PMBoysChampionship2 Mile Run (seeded section)Final on Time
7:08 PMGirlsChampionship2 Mile Run (seeded section)Final on Time
7:25 PMBoysChampionship2000m Steeple ChaseFinal on Time
7:50 PMGirlsChampionship2000m Steeple ChaseFinal on Time
8:15 PM    
8:30 AMGirlsFreshmanDiscusFinals
10:00 AMBoysFreshmanDiscusFinals
12:00 PMBoysChampionshipDiscusFinals
3:00 PMGirlsChampionshipDiscusFinals
6:00 PMBoysRising StarsDiscusFinals
12:00 PMBoysFreshmanShot PutFinals
3:00 PMGirlsFreshmanShot PutFinals
12:00 PMBoysFreshmanHigh JumpFinals
3:00 PMGirlsFreshmanHigh JumpFinals
11:00 AMGirlsChampionshipPole VaultFinals
3:00 PMGirlsRising StarsPole VaultFinals
9:30 AMBoysFreshmanLong JumpFinals
9:30 AMGirlsFreshmanLong JumpFinals
12:00 PMBoysChampionshipTriple JumpFinals
12:00 PMGirlsChampionshipTriple JumpFinals

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