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The following is the Day 3 order of event schedule for the 2023 Nike Outdoor Nationals at Hayward Field at the University of Oregon in Eugene on Saturday, 17 June. The four-day meeting began on Thursday (15) and will run through Father’s Day on Sunday (18).

Live streaming coverage of the third day of competition today is again available on for free. The live broadcast will be free on all four days. However, all the On-demand videos will be available here, but you will need to have RunnerSpace +PLUS. It’s easy and affordable to get an account, so signup here for RunnerSpace +PLUS.

Live streaming coverage of the 2023 Nike Outdoor Nationals from Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon, on Saturday will start at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time or 1:00 p.m. ET. – Read more: Day 3: 2023 New Balance Nationals Outdoor event schedule, how to watch live

Day 3: 2023 Nike Outdoor Nationals order of event schedule


Saturday Track Events

11:30 AMBoysChampionship4xMile RelayFinals
12:10 PMGirlsChampionship4xMile RelayFinals
12:35 PMBoysEmerging Elite110m HurdlesPrelims
12:53 PMBoysChampionship110m HurdlesPrelims
1:08 PMGirlsEmerging Elite100m HurdlesPrelims
1:26 PMGirlsChampionship100m HurdlesPrelims
1:38 PMBoysEmerging Elite400m DashFinals
1:56 PMGirlsEmerging Elite400m DashFinals
2:24 PMBoysChampionship400m DashFinals
2:46 PMGirlsChampionship400m DashFinals
3:04 PMGirlsHeptathlon800m RunFinal
3:13 PMBoysEmerging Elite800m RunFinals
3:40 PMGirlsEmerging Elite800m RunFinals
4:03 PMBoysChampionship800m RunFinals
4:27 PMGirlsChampionship800m RunFinals
4:43 PMBoysEmerging Elite4 x 100m RelayPrelims
4:52 PMGirlsEmerging Elite4 x 100m RelayPrelims
5:01 PMBoysChampionship4 x 100m RelayFinal
5:14 PMGirlsChampionship4 x 100m RelayPrelims
5:23 PMBoysEmerging Elite200m DashPrelims
5:47 PMGirlsEmerging Elite200m DashPrelims
6:11 PMBoysChampionship200m DashPrelims
6:29 PMGirlsChampionship200m DashPrelims
6:41 PMBoysEmerging Elite110m HurdlesFinals
6:45 PMBoysChampionship110m HurdlesFinals
6:50 PMGirlsEmerging Elite100m HurdlesFinals
6:54 PMGirlsChampionship100m HurdlesFinals
6:59 PMBoysEmerging Elite2 Mile RunFinals
7:35 PMGirlsEmerging Elite2 Mile RunFinals
8:01 PMBoysChampionship2 Mile RunFinals
8:25 PMGirlsChampionship2 Mile RunFinals
8:51 PMBoysEmerging Elite4x400m RelayFinals
9:12 PMGirlsEmerging Elite4x400m RelayFinals
9:20 PMEnd Time   

Saturday Field Events

10:00 AMBoysEmerging EliteHammerFinal 
10:00 AMGirlsEmerging EliteJavelinFinal 
11:00 AMBoysEmerging EliteHigh JumpFinal 
11:00 AMGirlsHeptathlon Long JumpFinal 
12:30 PMGirlsEmerging EliteTriple JumpFinal 
12:30 PMBoysChampionshipHammerFinal 
1:00 PMGirlsEmerging ElitePole VaultFinal 
1:00 PMGirlsHeptathlonJavelinFinal 
3:00 PMBoysChampionshipLong JumpFinal 
3:00 PMGirlsChampionshipShot PutFinal 
3:00 PMGirlsChampionshipJavelinFinal 
4:30 PMBoysChampionshipHigh JumpFinal 
5:00 PMGirlsEmerging EliteShot PutFinal 
5:30 PMGirlsChampionshipTriple JumpFinal 
7:00 PMBoys & GirlsShowcaseShot PutFinal 

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