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Elite women’s field: 2023 Grandma’s Marathon; 2x champion Dakotah Lindwurm returns

Dakotah Lindwurm, the two-time champion, leads the Elite women's field at the 2023 Grandma's Marathon on Saturday, June 17. Full list in this article.

The 2023 Grandma's Marathon Elite Women's Field
The 2023 Grandma's Marathon Elite Women's Field

Here is the start list for the Elite women’s field at the 2023 Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota, on Saturday, June 17, 2023. Another strong field has been assembled for this race and it includes two-time defending champion Dakotah Lindwurm. – Read more: Grandma’s Marathon 2023 men’s elite start list

After a break in the event in 2020 because of the pandemic, Dakotah Lindwurm continued the United States’ winning run with back-to-back victories in 2021 and 2022. USA athletes have now won four straight Grandma’s Marathon women’s titles since breaking a six-year winning streak by Kenyan runners in 2018.

This year, Lindwurm, who ran a PB of 2:25:01 to win last year, leads a host of Americans aiming to make it five wins in a row for the home country, with Gabriella Rooker (2:29:44 PB), who was 10th last year also coming back. – Read Also: Best Ways To Recover From a Half Marathon: Expert Tips Quick and Effective

Among the athletes to look out for making their debut at the Grandma’s Marathon is Lauren Paquette, is trains with the HOKA Northern Arizona Elite group, and is a former collegiate star. – Read: Lauren Paquette to make marathon debut at 2023 Grandma’s Marathon

The Grandma’s Marathon women’s course record is 2:24:28 and was set by Kellyn Taylor in 2018. – ALL-TIME WOMEN’S WINNERS | ALL-TIME MEN’S WINNERS

2023 Grandma’s Marathon
Elite Women Start List
Dakotah Lindwurm28USA2:25:01
Gabriella Rooker35USA2:29:44
Obsie Birru34USA2:30:25
Michele Lee29USA2:30:31
Grace Kahura30Kenya2:30:32
Anne-Marie Blaney29USA2:31:32
Dorothy McMahan46USA2:31:48
Carrie Verdon29USA2:31:51
Kathy VanDehy28USA2:32:41
Christina Welsh26USA2:33:08
Jessica Watychowicz32USA2:33:09
Tori Parkinson28USA2:33:20
Jessica McClain31USA2:33:34
Pasca Jerono36USA2:33:43
Kelli Smith25USA2:34:14
Olivia Pratt29USA2:34:22
Sarah Reiter29USA2:34:54
Ashley Paulson41USA2:34:57
Caitlin Kowalke33USA2:35:29
Maddie Van Beek31USA2:35:35
Regan Rome27USA2:36:12
Meghan Windschill37USA2:36:13
Joanna Reyes30USA2:36:23
Emma Spencer33USA2:36:33
Kimberly Horner34USA2:36:41
McKale Montgomery38USA2:37:02
Elizabeth Lagoy26USA2:37:06
Kelly Calway39USA2:37:10
Ashlee Powers29USA2:37:34
Jen Odenheimer30USA2:37:48
Lexie Greitzer30USA2:37:49
AnnMarie Kirkpatrick41USA2:37:49
Courtney Olsen35USA2:37:50
Lyndy Davis33USA2:37:56
Kathryn Fluehr29USA2:38:09
Maria Langholz31USA2:38:22
Andie Cozzarelli32USA2:38:47
Leigh Sharek34USA2:39:09
April Lund40USA2:39:18
Stephanie Rouse33USA2:39:25
Erika Fluehr29USA2:39:31
Gabriella DeLay32USA2:39:39
Katie Hynes40USA2:39:56
Lianne Farber31Canada2:40:00
Caroline Cole28USA2:40:05
Hannah Rowe31USA2:40:09
Mara Olson30USA2:40:16
Caroline Kellner29USA2:40:38
Mary Denholm36USA2:40:59
Katie Watson30USA2:41:00
Kaylee Wessel27USA2:41:18
Julia Roman-Duval40USA2:41:31
Lindsay Tollefson37USA2:41:31
Samantha Wingert36USA2:41:48
Amanda Martin26USA2:42:03
Emilee Risteen27USA2:42:25
Breanna Sieracki27USA2:42:25
Jessica West32USA2:42:29
Andrea Toppin30USA2:42:46
Allie Hackett28USA2:42:47
Maura Lemon34USA2:42:47
Elizabeth Camy39USA2:42:51
Anne Marie Everhart40USA2:42:51
Madison Offstein27USA2:43:15
Chloe Colligan27USA2:43:16
Marissa Lenger33USA2:43:22
Mary Felig31USA2:43:23
Melissa Johnson-White42USA2:43:46
Katy Farrell29USA2:44:14
Jessica Smith35USA2:44:30
Jen Van Otterloo37USA2:44:30
Diane Neubauer34USA2:44:49
Bridget Blum29USA2:44:51
Mary Katherine Andrews28USA2:45:14
Holly Read37USA2:45:14
Aleta Looker26USA2:45:26
Rosa Moriello30USA2:45:47
Luciana Bartholomew42USA2:46:00
Heather Laptalo39USA2:46:03
Abigail Corrigan24USA2:46:09
Marie O’Leary31USA2:46:45
Sarah Anderson24USA2:47:37
Nicole Pearce37USA2:49:19
Rosie Mascoli32USA2:49:59
Pamela Grossinger45USA3:05:08
Elena Hayday23USADebut
Heather Kampf36USADebut
Angie Nickerson27USADebut
Lauren Paquette36USADebut
Shaelyn Sorensen26USADebut
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