Grandma's Marathon 2023 Men's Elite Start List

The following is the start list for the Elite men’s field at the 2023 Grandma’s Marathon to be held on Saturday, June 17, 2023, in Duluth, Minnesota. The large elite group consists of international athletes and athletes from the United States, including last year’s champion, Dominic Ondoro of Kenya.

Ondoro, 35, is back to defend his title this year and will attempt to win his third overall. He ran a time of 2:09:34 to win the 2022 Grandma’s Marathon elite men’s race, and he will be aiming to repeat that success. Read more: Lauren Paquette to make marathon debut at 2023 Grandma’s Marathon

He also won his first title in 2014 and holds the race record with 2:09:06.Also back to contend for the title is Sammy Rotich of Kenya, who finished second last year, along with James Ngandu, the third-place finisher in the race a year ago.

Elisha Barno, who won four consecutive titles at the Grandma’s Marathon between 2015 through 2018, is also back this year to try and improve on his fourth-place finish in 2022.

Milton Rotich, the 2021 Grandma’s Marathon champion, fellow Kenyan Thomas Rono Kiplagat, and Tsegay Weldelibanos of Eritrea are also runners to watch this year. Kiplagat heads the field with a personal best of 2:06:00 and will aim to challenge the record.

Kevin Lynch is the top USA contender this year, with a personal best of 2:09:13, with Nathan Martin coming in with a PB of 2:11:05.

The last American to win the Grandma’s Marathon elite men’s race is Chris Raabe, who ran 2:15:13 for the title in 2009. Click here for more information about the event

Below is the complete 2023 Grandma’s Marathon Elite Men Start List

Thomas Rono Kiplagat36Kenya2:06:00
Dominic Ondoro35Kenya2:08:00
Milton Rotich37Kenya2:08:55
Tsegay Weldelibanos27Eritrea2:09:07
Kevin Lynch29USA2:09:13
Elisha Barno37Kenya2:09:32
James Ngandu33Kenya2:10:17
Benard Rotich36Kenya2:10:18
Nathan Martin33USA2:11:05
Sammy Rotich36Kenya2:11:49
John Raneri31USA2:12:33
Jason Lynch32USA2:13:05
Lamech Mokono42Kenya2:13:28
Joseph Whelan32USA2:13:39
Matthew McClintock29USA2:13:59
Alex Monroe31USA2:14:15
Dylan Gearinger25USA2:14:54
Pardon Ndhlovu35USA2:15:02
Steven Martinez28USA2:15:22
Mohamed Hrezi31USA2:15:27
Benard Kiptoo Koech28Kenya2:15:41
Daniel Docherty33USA2:15:55
Chase Weaverling27USA2:16:03
Kevin Salvano25USA2:16:39
Rajpaul Pannu32USA2:16:40
Eric Ashe34USA2:17:06
Alexander Taylor43USA2:17:08
Kurt Roeser36USA2:17:26
Daniel Vassallo38USA2:17:28
Evan Gaynor35USA2:17:29
Matthew Dewald40USA2:17:42
Ryan Archer28USA2:17:51
Nicholas Hilton34USA2:17:52
Jesse Davis41USA2:18:02
Jeffrey Seelaus29USA2:18:03
Nathan Dunn26USA2:18:05
Dave Marks33USA2:18:12
Jason Ayr35USA2:18:14
Garret Lee30USA2:18:20
Kevin Wood29USA2:18:23
Logan Barrett30USA2:18:25
Adam Wood24USA2:18:37
Nick Golebiowski27USA2:18:39
Jason Simpson38USA2:18:41
Jacob Heslington28USA2:18:50
Johnny Rutford32USA2:19:16
Collin Buck25USA2:19:23
Stan Linton29USA2:19:40
Samuel Fazioli31USA2:19:48
Marcos Bailon33USA2:19:51
David Melly30USA2:19:55
Alex Archer28USA2:20:32
Jack Beakas24USA2:20:38
Jeremy Ardanuy30USA2:20:42
Matthew Walker30USA2:20:49
William Baldwin30USA2:21:00
Benjamin Xie29USA2:21:00
Taggart VanEtten27USA2:21:10
Ruairi Moynihan33USA2:21:21
Luke Hickman30USA2:21:37
Bryan Rigby35USA2:21:38
John Dressel26USA2:21:45
Joel Conn39USA2:21:48
Sem Sultanov25USA2:21:50
Dillon Breen30USA2:22:03
Ben Pare31USA2:22:06
Michael Ellenberger31USA2:22:18
Scott Mindel36USA2:22:25
Andrew Leahey30USA2:22:44
Tai Smith25USA2:22:53
Terry Tossman27USA2:23:13
Tyler Sickler28USA2:23:18
John Gutierrez23USA2:24:00
David O’Gara27USA2:24:35
Jordan West28USA2:28:26
Tyson Wieland28USA2:28:53
Sean O’Connor26USA2:32:56
Clayton Pierce31USA2:33:33
Kevin Zanker58USA2:49:11
Kevin Koski25USADebut
Panuel Mkungo29KenyaDebut
Nadir Yusuf26USADebut
Dennis Kipkosgei28KenyaDebut
Nolan McKenna27USADebut
Cody Baele28USADebut
Nicholas Costello27USADebut 
Casey Ellis24USADebut
Christian Graham27USADebut
Matthew Grossman24USADebut
Jonathan Klaiber26USADebut
Braydon Manley27USADebut
Stuart Russell30USADebut
Tesfu Weldegebreal25EritreaDebut
Nolan Zimmer29USADebut

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