Charlene Lipsey at the 2023 Toyota USATF Outdoor Championships

EUGENE, Oregon — The 2023 Toyota USATF Outdoor Championships at Hayward Field will witness the highly anticipated women’s and men’s 800m semifinals tonight (July 7), featuring thrilling matchups. To secure a spot in the final, athletes must finish in the top three or achieve a time fast enough to rank among the next two fastest competitors outside the automatic qualifying positions.

Heat one of the women’s semifinals will kick off with an exciting battle between Nia Akins, Raevyn Rogers, Ajee Wilson, and Allie Wilson as they aim for a top-three finish. They face strong competition from Olivia Baker and Roisin Willis.

In the second semifinal heat, Charlene Lipsey, the favorite to advance, will compete alongside Sage Hurta-Klecker. However, keep a close eye on NCAA champion Michaela Rose from LSU and collegiate athlete Juliette Whittaker from Stanford, who are determined to secure a spot in the final.

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Turning to the men’s 800m semifinals at the 2023 Toyota USATF Outdoor Championships, the first heat will feature Bryce Hoppel, Brandon Miller, Clayton Murphy, and Isaiah Harris. In the second heat, NCAA champion Will Sumner will go head-to-head with Isaiah Jewett, Devin Dixon, and Kameron Jones.

The 2023 Toyota USATF Outdoor Championships will be televised live on CNBC tonight, while USATF.TV will provide live online streaming coverage with a RunnerSpace +PLUS subscription. Get +PLUS here.

2023 Toyota USATF Outdoor Championships Start Lists

Women’s 800m Start List:

Heat 1:

  1. Emily Richards (Tracksmith) PB: 2:00.20 SB: 2:00.82
  2. Mckenna Keegan (NIKE/Nike Union Athletics Cl) PB: 2:01.25 SB: 2:01.27
  3. Raevyn Rogers (NIKE/Nike Union Athletics Cl) PB: 1:56.81 SB: 2:00.00
  4. Nia Akins (BROOKS Beasts TC WCS) PB: 1:58.78 SB: 1:59.09
  5. Ajee Wilson (adidas WCS) PB: 1:55.61 SB: 1:58.16
  6. Allie Wilson (Atlanta Track Club WCS) PB: 1:58.09 SB: 1:59.24
  7. Roisin Willis (New Balance WCS) PB: 1:59.13 SB: 2:00.23
  8. Olivia Baker (Atlanta Track Club WCS) PB: 1:58.05 SB: 2:01.01

Heat 2:

  1. Rachel Gearing (Penn State) PB: 2:01.24 SB: 2:01.24
  2. Sammy Watson (adidas) PB: 2:00.65 SB: 2:00.84
  3. Juliette Whittaker (Stanford) PB: 1:59.04 SB: 2:00.74
  4. Charlene Lipsey (Under Armour WCS) PB: 1:57.38 SB: 1:59.26
  5. Michaela Rose (LSU WCS) PB: 1:59.08 SB: 1:59.08
  6. Brenna Detra (Oiselle WCS) PB: 1:59.57 SB: 1:59.57
  7. Sage Hurta-Klecker (On Athletics Club WCS) PB: 1:57.85 SB: 1:59.01
  8. Kaela Edwards (adidas) PB: 1:59.68 SB: 2:00.22

Men’s 800m Start List:

Heat 1:

  1. Abraham Alvarado (Unattached) PB: 1:46.11 SB: 1:46.96
  2. Sean Dolan (Villanova) PB: 1:46.38 SB: 1:46.95
  3. CJ Jones (Under Armour) PB: 1:46.22 SB: 1:46.27
  4. Bryce Hoppel (adidas WCS) PB: 1:43.23 SB: 1:44.55
  5. Brandon Miller (NIKE) PB: 1:44.97 SB: 1:45.30
  6. Clayton Murphy (NIKE) PB: 1:42.93 SB: 1:44.75
  7. Isaiah Harris (BROOKS Beasts TC) PB: 1:44.42 SB: 1:45.11
  8. Aidan McCarthy (Cal Poly SLO) PB: 1:46.26 SB: 1:46.26

Heat 2:

  1. Derek Holdsworth (Unattached) PB: 1:45.37 SB: 1:46.74
  2. AJ Green (Kansas) PB: 1:47.34 SB: 1:47.34
  3. Luciano Fiore (EMPIRE ELITE TC) PB: 1:46.62 SB: 1:46.62
  4. Will Sumner (Georgia WCS) PB: 1:44.26 SB: 1:44.26
  5. Kameron Jones (Tracksmith) PB: 1:45.20 SB: 1:45.20
  6. Isaiah Jewett (NIKE) PB: 1:43.85 SB: 1:45.10
  7. Wes Ferguson (Nebraska-Kearney WCS) PB: 1:45.46 SB: 1:45.46
  8. Devin Dixon (BROOKS Beasts TC) PB: 1:44.76 SB: 1:46.00

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