2023 USATF National Junior Olympic Track and Field Championships live streaming

Below you will find the complete start lists, event times and the live results on Day 2 at the USATF National Junior Olympic Championships 2023 on Tuesday, 25 July. Several of the nation’s top talents are in action at the championships that will run from 24-30 July.

The 2023 USATF National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships is taking place at the University of Oregon’s Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon, which was also the site of the 2022 World Athletics Outdoor Championships.

Live streaming coverage is available on USATF.TV +PLUS. – Read more: How to watch the USATF National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships 2022

USATF National Junior Olympic Championships 2023 Live Results, Start Lists

Girls Heptathlon Long Jump (15-16)Tue 10:30 AM
Girls Outdoor Pentathlon 80m Hurdles (11-12)Tue 10:30 AM
Boys Decathlon 110m Hurdles (15-16)Tue 11:00 AM
Girls Outdoor Pentathlon Shot Put (11-12)Tue 11:18 AM
Girls 3000m Race Walk (15-16)Tue 11:45 AM
Women 3000m Race Walk (17-18)Tue 11:45 AM
Boys Decathlon Discus Throw (15-16)Tue 11:40 AM
Girls Heptathlon Javelin Throw (15-16)Tue 12:20 PM
Women Heptathlon Long Jump (17-18)Tue 12:20 PM
Boys Outdoor Pentathlon 80m Hurdles (11-12)Tue 12:20 PM
Girls Outdoor Pentathlon High Jump (11-12)Tue 12:30 PM
Boys Decathlon Pole Vault (15-16)Tue 12:37 PM
Men 3000m Race Walk (17-18)Tue 12:40 PM
Boys 3000m Race Walk (15-16)Tue 12:40 PM
Boys Outdoor Pentathlon Shot Put (11-12)Tue 1:05 PM
Women Heptathlon Javelin Throw (17-18)Tue 1:20 PM
Men Decathlon 110m Hurdles (17-18)Tue 1:30 PM
Girls Heptathlon 800m (15-16)Tue 1:45 PM
Girls 4×800 (11-12)Tue 2:00 PM
Men Decathlon Discus Throw (17-18)Tue 2:10 PM
Girls Outdoor Pentathlon Long Jump (11-12)Tue 2:20 PM
Boys Outdoor Pentathlon High Jump (11-12)Tue 2:20 PM
Boys 4×800 (11-12)Tue 2:26 PM
Girls 4×800 (13-14)Tue 2:53 PM
Men Decathlon Pole Vault (17-18)Tue 3:13 PM
Boys Decathlon Javelin Throw (15-16)Tue 3:15 PM
Girls Outdoor Pentathlon 800m (11-12)Tue 3:30 PM
Women Heptathlon 800m (17-18)Tue 3:45 PM
Boys Outdoor Pentathlon Long Jump (11-12)Tue 4:00 PM
Girls Triathlon High Jump (9-10)Tue 4:00 PM
Boys 4×800 (13-14)Tue 4:00 PM
Girls 4×800 (15-16)Tue 4:38 PM
Boys 4×800 (15-16)Tue 4:53 PM
Boys Hammer Throw (15-16)Tue 5:00 PM
Boys Outdoor Pentathlon 1500m (11-12)Tue 5:03 PM
Boys Decathlon 1500m (15-16)Tue 5:17 PM
Girls Triathlon Shot Put (9-10)Tue 5:30 PM
Boys Triathlon High Jump (9-10)Tue 5:30 PM
Women 4×800 (17-18)Tue 5:35 PM
Men 4×800 (17-18)Tue 5:49 PM
Men Decathlon Javelin Throw (17-18)Tue 6:13 PM
Girls Triathlon 200m (9-10)Tue 6:30 PM
Boys Triathlon Shot Put (9-10)Tue 7:33 PM
Men Decathlon 1500m (17-18)Tue 8:05 PM
Boys Triathlon 400m (9-10)Tue 8:35 PM

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