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Day 2: Watch NACAC U18 and U23 Championships 2023, live stream, live results

Day 2 NACAC U18 and U23 Championships 2023 - watch live streaming

The NACAC U18 and U23 Championships 2023 will continue on Saturday (22), and you can watch and follow live streaming coverage of Day Two. Live results, start lists, and updates will be available on throughout the day as several athletes compete at this Area age group event.

Watch Live Streaming Coverage of NACAC U18 and U23 Championships 2023

For those looking to watch live streaming coverage, you can visit the INTELCO SPORTS YouTube page, while live results and the start list of each event will be available via the links below.

Watch Day 2 Evening Session – Starting At 5:00 p.m. ET

The morning session competitions on Saturday’s second day start at 8:00 a.m. local time (10:00 a.m. ET) in Costa Rica –with the resumption of the U23 women’s Heptathlon kicking things off, with the Javelin Throw for U23 men and the U18 men Pole Vault as going off at the same time.

The men’s U18 and U23 110 meters Hurdles semifinals will take place at 10:20 a.m. local time (12:20 a.m. ET), while the afternoon session will begin at 5:00 p.m. ET with Hammer Throw final for U23 men.

Also taking place in the afternoon session are the 200m semifinals for all age groups as well as the 4x100m relay finals.

NACAC U18 and U23 Championships 2023 Day 2

Saturday, July 22, 2023 – Morning Session

TimeEventsAge GroupRoundResults
8:0010.000 Metres Race WalkU23-MenExhibiciónResult
8:00Heptathlon – Long Jump (5)U23-WomenPointsResult
8:00Heptathlon – Long Jump (5)U18-WomenPointsResult
8:00Javelin Throw 800gU23-MenFinalResult
8:00Pole VaultU18-MenExhibiciónResult
9:005.000 Metres Race WalkU18-WomenFinalResult
9:005.000 Metres Race WalkU23-WomenExhibiciónResult
9:30Long JumpU18-WomenFinalResult
10:00Decathlon – 110 Metres Hurdles 0.91 (6)U18-MenPointsResult
10:10Decathlon – 110 mts Hurdles 1.07 (6)U23-MenPointsResult
10:20110 Metres Hurdles 0.91U18-MenSemifinalResult
10:30110 mts Hurdles 1.07U23-MenSemifinalResult
11:00Long JumpU23-WomenFinalResult
11:00Heptathlon – Javelin Throw 600g (6)U23-WomenPointsResult
11:00Heptathlon – Javelin Throw 500g (6)U18-WomenPointsResult
11:00Decathlon – Discus Throw 2 kg (7)U23-MenPointsResult
11:00Decathlon – Discus Throw 1.5 kg (7)U18-MenPointsResult

July 22, 2023 – Afternoon Session

15:00Hammer Throw 7.26 kgU23-MenFinalResult
16:00High JumpU18-MenFinalResult
16:00Decathlon – Pole Vault (8)U18-MenPointsResult
16:00Decathlon – Pole Vault (8)U23-MenPointsResult
16:30Hammer Throw 4 kgU23-WomenFinalResult
16:40100 Metres Hurdles 0.76U18-WomenFinalResult
16:55100 Metres Hurdles 0.84U23-WomenFinalResult
17:00Long JumpU23-MenFinalResult
17:10110 Metres Hurdles 0.91U18-MenFinal
17:20110 mts Hurdles 1.07U23-MenFinal
17:30Shot Put 3 kgU18-WomenFinalResult
17:40400 MetresU18-WomenFinalResult
17:50400 MetresU18-MenFinalResult
18:00Decathlon – Javelin Throw 800g (9)U23-MenPointsResult
18:00Decathlon – Javelin Throw 700g (9)U18-MenPointsResult
18:00400 MetresU23-WomenFinalResult
18:10400 MetresU23-MenFinalResult
18:20Heptathlon – 800 Metres (7)U18-WomenPointsResult
18:30Heptathlon – 800 Metres (7)U23-WomenPointsResult
18:40200 MetresU18-WomenSemifinalResult
18:55200 MetresU18-MenSemifinalResult
19:00Shot Put 5 kgU18-MenFinalResult
19:10200 MetresU23-WomenSemifinalResult
19:25200 MetresU23-MenSemifinalResult
19:35Decathlon – 1.500 Metres (10)U18-MenPointsResult
19:45Decathlon – 1.500 Metres (10)U23-MenPointsResult
20:004×100 Metres RelayU18-WomenFinalResult
20:104×100 Metres RelayU18-MenFinalResult
20:204×100 Metres RelayU23-WomenFinalResult
20:304×100 Metres RelayU23-MenFinalResult
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