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European Athletics U23 Championships: Keely Hodgkinson eased into 400m semis

Keely Hodgkinson in the 400m at the European Athletics U23 Championships

ESPOO, Finland (July 13) — Olympic 800m silver Keely Hodgkinson eased into the semifinal of the women’s 400 meters in the morning session on Day One of track and field action at the European Athletics U23 Championships in Espoo on Thursday (13).

Hodgkinson using Espoo 23 as a competitive practice session

Hodgkinson, who is stepping down in distance from her primary 800m specialty, clocked 53.08 seconds to comfortably take the fourth and final heat of the first round, qualifying with the fifth-fastest time on the day.

Hodgkinson revealed that she is using the European Athletics U23 Championships as another form of practice ahead of next month’s World Athletics Championships.

“I am still figuring out how to run the 400,” the Briton said. “I have come here for good practice – I don’t get many chances of running the 400, so it is good to come here and race some other girls who are just as good as me.

“I feel better for it. It is a bit windy on the home straight, but in Britain, we don’t get these good conditions. I am still learning this event, so I need to speak to my coach to see what I did better or worse – I might get back to you later about whether I liked it.”

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Catia Gubelmann runs fastest time this morning

Switzerland’s Catia Gubelmann finished the first round of the contest as the top qualifier, clocking a personal best of 52.51 seconds to win heat one. She was closely followed by Spain’s Carmen Avilés and Italy’s Ilaria Elvira Accame, both recording identical times of 52.61 seconds, also personal bests.

The trio led the pack in the first heat, setting a high bar for the rest of the competitors entering the semis.

In the subsequent heats, Britain’s Hodgkinson, Yemi Mary John, and Spain’s Berta Segura secured their places in the semi-finals with winning times of 53.08, 53.16, and 53.22 seconds respectively. Switzerland’s Giulia Senn and Norway’s Henriette Jæger also qualified, finishing second in their respective heats.

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The fastest times outside the top three in each heat were recorded by Zoë Sedney of the Netherlands (52.72 seconds), who was fourth in the very quick heat one with the fourth-fastest time overall, Eleonora Foudraz of Italy (53.72 seconds), Tetiana Kharashchuk of Ukraine (54.06 seconds), and Laura Elena Rami of Italy (54.11 seconds).

These athletes advanced to the semi-finals as the next four fastest runners.

The semi-finals, set for later today, promise to be a thrilling showdown, with the top qualifiers all within a second of each other during after the first round.

The championship record of 50.72 seconds was set by Russia’s Olga Zaytseva in 2005.

The European U23 Athletics Championships in Espoo, Finland, will run from July 12-16, 2023.

Here are the results from the first round of the women’s 400m race at the European Athletics U23 Championships:

  1. Catia Gubelmann (SUI) – Heat 1, Position 1, Time: 52.51 (PB)
  2. Carmen Avilés (ESP) – Heat 1, Position 2, Time: 52.61 (PB)
  3. Ilaria Elvira Accame (ITA) – Heat 1, Position 3, Time: 52.61 (PB)
  4. Zoë Sedney (NED) – Heat 1, Position 4, Time: 52.72
  5. Keely Hodgkinson (GBR) – Heat 4, Position 1, Time: 53.08
  6. Yemi Mary John (GBR) – Heat 2, Position 1, Time: 53.16
  7. Berta Segura (ESP) – Heat 3, Position 1, Time: 53.22
  8. Giulia Senn (SUI) – Heat 2, Position 2, Time: 53.51
  9. Henriette Jæger (NOR) – Heat 3, Position 2, Time: 53.65
  10. Aleksandra Formella (POL) – Heat 3, Position 3, Time: 53.67
  11. Katriina Wright (FIN) – Heat 4, Position 2, Time: 53.72
  12. Eleonora Foudraz (ITA) – Heat 3, Position 4, Time: 53.72
  13. Veronika Drljačić (CRO) – Heat 2, Position 3, Time: 53.83
  14. Astri Ertzgaard (NOR) – Heat 4, Position 3, Time: 53.87
  15. Tetiana Kharashchuk (UKR) – Heat 2, Position 4, Time: 54.06
  16. Laura Elena Rami (ITA) – Heat 4, Position 4, Time: 54.11
  17. Anna Orlova (UKR) – Heat 1, Position 5, Time: 54.20 (PB)
  18. Aline Yuille (SUI) – Heat 4, Position 5, Time: 54.32 (PB)
  19. Virág Simon (HUN) – Heat 2, Position 5, Time: 54.46
  20. Ajda Kaučič (SLO) – Heat 3, Position 5, Time: 54.93
  21. Emma Maria Adnana Matyus (ROU) – Heat 4, Position 6, Time: 55.31
  22. Sigrid Kongssund Amlie (NOR) – Heat 2, Position 6, Time: 56.03
  23. Vanesa Yankova (BUL) – Heat 3, Position 6, Time: 57.01 (SB)
  24. Carlota Meritxell Málaga Morán (AND) – Heat 2, Position 7, Time: 58.79

PB: Personal Best SB: Season Best

The first 3 in each heat (Q) and the next 4 fastest (q) advance to the Semi-Finals.

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