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How to Day 5: USATF Junior Olympics 2023?

The USATF Junior Olympics 2023 will be streamed live on USATF.TV+ on Friday in Oregon and live results, start list and schedule of Day 5 will also be available.

USATF Junior Olympics 2023 live streaming, live results
USATF Junior Olympics 2023 live streaming, live results

The USATF Junior Olympics 2023 continues in Oregon will be streamed live on USATF.TV+ on Friday with the live Day 5 action. Below you will find the complete order of event schedule, age group, live results and times for each events at Hayward Field on the campus of the University of Oregon.

You can watch live streaming coverage of the USATF Junior Olympics 2023 on Tuesday on USATF.TV+ –but please note that you will need a RunnerSpace +PLUS subscription so grab one today! The live coverage on the fifth day will start at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time or 11:10 a.m. ET –with the women’s Triple Jump for age group 17-18 in the field event category, while action on the track will start with the boys’ 3000m for the ages of 15-16. Fans can also follow live results and update of the Day 5 Action Here

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USATF Junior Olympics 2023 Day 5 Schedule

8:00 AM3000m15-16BFinal
8:00 AMTriple Jump17-18WFinal
8:00 AMJavelin13-14BFinal
8:00 AMDiscus15-16GFinal
8:30 AMHigh Jump15-16BFinal
8:37 AM3000m17-18MFinal
9:00 AMShot Put9-10GFinal
9:10 AM400m7-8G1st Round
9:34 AM400m7-8B1st Round
10:00 AM400m9-10G1st Round
10:00 AMPole Vault15-16 BFinal
10:27 AM400m9-10B1st Round
10:53 AM400m11-12G1st Round
11:00 AMTriple Jump17-18MFinal
11:22 AM400m11-12B1st Round
11:51 AM400m13-14G1st Round
12:20 PM400m13-14B1st Round
12:46 PM400m15-16G1st Round
1:00 PMDiscus15-16BFinal
1:15 PM400m15-16B1st Round
1:30 PMHigh Jump11-12BFinal
1:46 PM400m17-18W1st Round
2:00 PMShot Put11-12GFinal
2:00 PMJavelin13-14GFinal
2:12 PM400m17-18M1st Round
2:30 PMLong Jump7-8GFinal
2:56 PM100m7-8GSemi-Final
3:01 PM100m7-8BSemi-Final
3:06 PM100m9-10GSemi-Final
3:11 PM100m9-10BSemi-Final
3:16 PM100m11-12GSemi-Final
3:21 PM100m11-12BSemi-Final
3:26 PM100m13-14GSemi-Final
3:31 PM100m13-14BSemi-Final
3:36 PM100m15-16GSemi-Final
3:41 PM100m15-16BSemi-Final
3:46 PM100m17-18WSemi-Final
3:51 PM100m17-18MSemi-Final
4:04 PM4x400m7-8G1st Round
4:28 PM4x400m7-8B1st Round
4:58 PM4x400m9-10G1st Round
5:00 PMLong Jump13-14GFinal
5:25 PM4x400m9-10B1st Round
6:00 PM4x400m11-12G1st Round
6:32 PM4x400m11-12B1st Round
7:04 PM4x400m13-14G1st Round
7:42 PM4x400m13-14B1st Round
8:11 PM4x400m15-16G1st Round
8:41 PM4x400m15-16B1st Round
9:10 PM4x400m17-18W1st Round
9:34 PM4x400m17-18M1st Round
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