How to watch USATF Championships 20K Racewalk live stream

You can watch the men's and women's 20K Racewalk at the 2023 Toyota USATF Outdoor Championships on Saturday, 8 July, live on USATF.TV.

Watch live streaming coverage of the men’s and women’s 20K Racewalk at the 2023 Toyota USATF Outdoor Championships on Saturday, 8 July, at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon, on USATF.TV. Live streaming starts at 9:30 a.m. ET. Follow live results here.

Among the athletes starting today in the women’s race are Miranda Melville, Robyn Stevens, and Maria Michta-Coffey, while the men’s race will see the likes of Nick Christie, and Emmanuel Corvera battling for the national title.

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Men’s 20K Racewalk Start List 

  1. Nick Christie – New York Athletic Club (NYAC)
  2. Daniel Nehnevaj – Raleigh Walkers
  3. Emmanuel Corvera – New York Athletic Club (NYAC)
  4. Jordan Crawford – Unattached
  5. Jason Cherng – New England Walkers
  6. Bricyn Healey – Raleigh Walkers
  7. Samuel Allen – Shore Athletic Club
  8. Juan Montanez – Unattached
  9. John Risch – Q Elite
  10. Joel Pfahler – Dayton Track Club

Women’s 20K Racewalk Start List:

  1. Maria Michta-Coffey – Oiselle/Walk USA
  2. Robyn Stevens – Unattached
  3. Miranda Melville – New York Athletic Club (NYAC)
  4. Janelle Branch – Tracksmith
  5. Stephanie Casey – Tracksmith
  6. Katie Burnett – Unattached
  7. Katie Miale – New England Walkers
  8. Celina Lepe – Unattached
  9. Lydia McGranahan – Unattached
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