Mia Brahe-Pedersen wins NACAC U23 Championships women's 100m.

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (July 21) – USA’s Mia Brahe-Pedersen showcased her extraordinary prowess in the women’s 100m dash at the NACAC U23 Championships 2023, securing a gold medal and setting a new championship record time of 11.08 seconds (+0.7 m/s) on Friday (21).

Brahe-Pedersen had been widely regarded as the pre-race favorite, and she certainly lived up to expectations in the final, surpassing the previous championships record of 11.19 seconds, set by another U.S. athlete, Aurieyall Scott, back in 2012. – Click Here For Photo Gallery

The 17-year-old American came into the event in San Jose with an impressive personal best time of 11.00 seconds, and her outstanding form was evident with her recent remarkable performances at the USATF Outdoor Championships earlier this month.

Pos Athlete Team Mark Wind Medal
1 Mia Brahe-Pedersen United States 11.08 (RNACU23) +0.7 🥇
2 Leah Bertrand Trinidad And Tobago 11.27 +0.7 🥈
3 Beyonce Defreitas British Virgin Islands 11.41 +0.7 🥉
4 Camille Rutherford Bahamas 11.47 +0.7  
5 Marie-Eloise Leclair Canada 11.50 +0.7  
6 Taejha Badal Trinidad And Tobago 11.70 +0.7  
7 Mariandree Chacón Aroche Guatemala 11.76 +0.7  
8 Ashantai Bollers Canada 11.91 +0.7  

In the same event, Leah Bertrand from Trinidad and Tobago secured the silver medal, clocking in at 11.27 seconds, while the bronze medal was claimed by Beyonce DeFreitas from the British Virgin Islands, posting a time of 11.41 seconds. Close behind was Camille Rutherford from The Bahamas, finishing in fourth place with a time of 11.47 seconds.

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Meanwhile, in the U18 NACAC Championships 2023 women’s 100m dash, Jamaica’s Theianna-Lee Terrelonge was equally as impressive, capturing the gold medal with a time of 11.41 seconds (+1.2 m/s).

Pos Athlete Team Mark Wind Medal
1 Theianna-Lee Terrelonge Jamaica 11.41 +1.2 🥇
2 Frances Joely Colon Vazquez Puerto Rico 11.50 +1.2 🥈
3 La´Nica Locker Antigua & Barbuda 11.54 +1.2 🥉
4 Geolyna Dowdy Antigua & Barbuda 11.59 +1.2  
5 Shatalya Dorsett Bahamas 11.74 +1.2  
6 Abigail Wolfe Jamaica 11.83 +1.2  
7 Stryker Zablocki Canada 11.86 +1.2  
8 Symphony Patrick Trinidad And Tobago 11.97 +1.2  

Terrelonge’s performance was closely followed by Puerto Rico’s Frances Joely Colon Vazquez, who claimed the silver medal with a time of 11.50 seconds, and the bronze medal went to Antigua and Barbuda’s La’Nica Locker, posting a time of 11.54 seconds.

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