Pauline Stey of France wins the women’s 20km race walk

Pauline Stey set a new national U23 record for France on her way to winning the first gold medal at the 2023 European Athletics U23 Championships in Espoo, Finland, on Wednesday. Stey broke away during the contest to dominate the women’s 20km race walk event with a time of 1:31:17, setting a new personal best.

Stey’s performance was consistent throughout the race, with her 5km, 10km, and 15km splits recorded at 23:00, 45:58, and 1:08:44, respectively.

In an emotional victory for France, Camille Moutard also secured a podium finish, taking third place with a time of 1:35:40. – Read more: Best ways to watch European Athletics U23 Championships 20km Race Walk

Meanwhile, Alexandrina Mihai, competing for the first time for Italy, put up a commendable performance. Mihai finished second with a time of 1:32:32, setting a new personal best, while split 5km, 10km, and 15km times of 23:12, 46:15, and 1:09:10 en route to the silver medal.

Lots of personal bests and season bests at European Athletics U23 Championships

Pauline Stey in the women’s 20km race walk results
Pauline Stey in the women’s 20km race walk

Nine personal bests were set today in the women’s 20km Race Walk at the 2023 European Athletics U23 Championships, while Eliška Czemartínková (TR54.7.5), and Karin Svkdevaldová (TR54.7.5) were both disqualified.

After the race, an elated Stey shared her experience, “The course was really hard in Espoo. In the end, I was just so tired. It was hard because it was not easy to keep the first position and to keep the pace and the technique for such a long time.”

Despite the challenging conditions, Stey remained focused on her goal. “It was my objective to improve my PB and also the record even before the start, but the main goal was to finish in the first place.”

Stey’s victory not only brought her personal glory but also served as a beacon of inspiration for her team.

“I think it is very important that we have this first gold medal here at these championships. It is a big motivation for the rest of the French team. I believe that the French team will do very well,” she said.

2023 European Athletics U23 Championships Women’s 20km race walk event results:

  1. Pauline Stey (France) 1:31:17 (NU23R)
  2. Alexandrina Mihai (Italy) 1:32:32 (PB)
  3. Camille Moutard (France) 1:35:40
  4. PULGARIN CARDENO (Spain) 1:35:49 (PB)
  5. Inês Mendes (Portugal) 1:35:58
  6. Lucia Redondo (Spain) 1:36:10
  7. Heta Veikkola (Finland) 1:37:12 (PB)
  8. Olga Fiaska (Greece) 1:37:45 (SB)
  9. Bruna Marques (Portugal) 1:37:49 (PB)
  10. Adriana Viveiros (Portugal) 1:37:57 (PB)
  11. Vittoria Di Dato (Italy) 1:38:16
  12. Eva Rico (Spain) 1:38:19 (PB)
  13. Alžbeta Ragasová (Slovakia) 1:38:59 (PB)
  14. Elvina Carré (France) 1:39:24
  15. Tiziana Spiller (Hungary) 1:40:45
  16. Maria Diana Lataretu (Romania) 1:45:40
  17. Petra Zahorán (Hungary) 1:45:46 (SB)
  18. Venla-Nora Nirkkonen (Finland) 1:46:03 (PB)
  19. Sorana Tutu (Romania) 1:47:46
  20. Maria Antola (Finland) 1:51:11

DNF: Evin Turdemir
DQ: Eliška Czemartínková (TR54.7.5), Karin Svkdevaldová (TR54.7.5)

Complete results here 

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