Patrick Kipngeno of Kenya wins at Valsir Mountain Running World Cup 2023

The Valsir Mountain Running World Cup 2023 witnessed fierce competition at its third classic mountain race held at La Montée du Nid d’Aigle. The course, a strenuous uphill track of 19.5km rising 2000m, provided a mixture of river trails, tree-covered paths, and open mountain tracks.

Defending champions, Patrick Kipngeno and Joyce Njeru of Kenya, braved an intensely competitive line-up to retain their crowns. Despite the presence of formidable opponents, including first-timers and past winners, both races resulted in thrilling finishes, with Kipngeno and Njeru securing victories.

In the women’s race, Joyce Njeru faced stiff competition from fellow Kenyan Philaries Kisang. The riveting run ended in Njeru winning in 2.06.28, a slim 5-second lead over Kisang’s 2.06.33.

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Susanna Saapunki of Finland took third place with a time of 2.10.42. Kenya’s Lucy Murigi came fourth in 2.13.28, while Blandine L’Hirondel of France rounded out the top five in 2.14.18.

Patrick Kipngeno Winning Return

Patrick Kipngeno managed a consistent lead in the men’s race, finishing first in 1.46.44, with Philemon Kiriago, also of Kenya, finishing in second place with a time of 1.48.47 and Italy’s Xavier Chevrier claimed the third spot in 1.51.11.

Stian Angermund from Norway closely followed in 1.51.52. France’s Theodore Klein secured fifth place with a time of 1.54.54.

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Taking place in the historic town of Saint Gervais, the 36th edition of La Montée du Nid d’Aigle, one of France’s oldest mountain running races, reflected the strong community spirit behind the Valsir Mountain Running World Cup.

Valsir Mountain Running World Cup 2023 Ranking

With its rich history, magnificent mountain backdrop, and challenging course, the event stood as a testament to the spirit of mountain running while stirring up the World Cup rankings. – Click to see the full rankings here.

Montee du Nid d’Aigle: Valsir Mountain Running World Cup 2023 Results

Top 25 men’s finishers

Place Name Country Club Time
1 Patrick Kipngeno Kenya RUN2GETHER 1:46:44
2 Philemon Ombogo Kiriago Kenya RUN2GETHER 1:48:47
3 Xavier Chevrier Italy 1:51:11
4 Stian Angermund Norway ASICS 1:51:52
5 Théodore Klein France US THANN ATHLÉTISME 1:54:54
6 Alex Baldaccini Italy GS OROBIE – CRAFT 1:55:20
7 Joe Steward United Kingdom SALFORD HARRIERS 1:55:31
8 Timothy Kimutai Kirui Kenya RUN2GETHER 1:55:40
9 Andrea Rostan Italy TEAM LA SPORTIVA 1:55:59
10 Jacob Adkin United Kingdom NEW BALANCE / KESWICK AC 1:57:51
11 Halfdan-Emil Færo Norway VAREGG FLERIDRETT 1:58:20
12 Ondrej Fejfar Czech Republic TJ SPARTAK VRCHLABI 1:59:50
13 Baptiste Ellmenreich France TEAM SCARPA 2:02:50
14 Rémi Lonchampt France HOKA BUFF 2:03:16
15 Matthieu Le Fur France VELAY ATHLETISME 2:03:29
16 Florent Soleilhac France ASJ74 2:03:37
17 Jean Hudry France TEAM TRAIL DES CIMES 2:03:45
18 Alric Petit France EA GRENOBLE 2:04:30
19 Vincent Loustau France TEAM VIBRAM 2:04:41
20 Eric Blake United States BOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 2:04:50
21 Mathieu Debroas France CAPRG / BGSA 2:05:11
22 Julien Rancon France AL ECHIROLLES 2:05:15
23 Léo Tuaz-Torchon France 2:05:43
24 Lucas Clocher France AHSA 2:06:05
25 Joyce Muthoni Njeru Kenya ALTETICA SALUZZO 2:06:28

Top 25 women’s finishers

Place Name Country Club Time
1 Joyce Muthoni Njeru Kenya ALTETICA SALUZZO 2:06:28
2 Philaries Jeruto Kisang Kenya RUN2GETHER 2:06:33
3 Susanna Saapunki Finland NEW BALANCE 2:10:42
4 Lucy Wambui Murigi Kenya ON RUNNING-ATLETICA SALUZZO 2:13:28
5 Blandine L’Hirondel France 2:14:18
6 Camilla Magliano Italy DINAMO RUNNING TEAM 2:16:16
7 Karoline Holsen Kyte Norway FØRDE IL 2:18:37
8 Julie Lelong France COURIR PAYS DE GRASSE 2:20:35
9 Sarah Carter United States THE TRAIL TEAM 2:22:01
10 Céline Jeannier France UOAT ALBERTVILLE 2:23:14
11 Maddalena Somà Italy ATLETICA ROATA CHIUSANI 2:27:48
12 Kirsty Dickson United Kingdom CARNETHY HILL RUNNING CLUB 2:28:03
13 Meg Mackenzie France 2:30:25
14 Jessica Pardin France TEAM LA SPORTIVA 2:30:33
15 Laure Paradan France TEAM HOKA 2:30:57
16 Hortense Mermillon France TEAM ASICS TRAIL 2:31:37
17 Andie Cornish United States 2:32:04
18 Nadia Re Italy ATLETICA SALUZZO 2:33:00
19 Virginia Hourihane Ireland 2:33:07
20 Margot Ravinel France 2:35:02
21 Stephanie Reymond France 2:38:34
22 Charlotte Cotton France 2:39:40
23 Aina Edgren Sweden 2:44:48
24 Corinne Cruz Martinez France CMI 2:47:58
25 Lise Bellet France EAG GRENOBLE

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