European U23 Athletics Championships relay splits

Great Britain & Northern Ireland, eclipsed the championship record, while France and Switzerland completed the podium spots in a thrilling encounter in the women’s 4x100m relay event at the European U23 Athletics Championships on Day 4 on Saturday (15).

The British quartet, comprised of Cassie-Ann Pemberton, Amy Hunt, Alyson Bell, and Aleeya Sibbons, and running in lane 5, outpaced their competitors in a breathtaking final. – Read more: How to watch European U23 Athletics Championships? – live schedule

The pre-race title contenders delivered a dominant performance here today, clocking a championship record time of 43.04 seconds to secure the gold medal, and just improved on the previous make of 43.05 seconds, set by Germany in 2021 in Tallinn.

The French team, consisting of Hillary Gode, Marie-ange Rimlinger, Gémima Joseph, and Paméra Losange, secured the silver medal with a season-best time of 43.39 seconds, while the lightning-fast finishing Switzerland team with Nathacha Kouni, Iris Caligiuri, Léonie Pointet, and Melissa Gutschmidt, took the bronze, setting a new U23 national record with a time of 43.59 seconds.

Germany, the defending champion from two years ago, was among the medal contenders entering the final exchange but was pushed down the pack into fourth place 43.61 secs, with Belgium, Poland, and the Slovak Republic also put up respectable performances, finishing fifth, sixth, and seventh respectively.

Unfortunately, the Finnish team was disqualified due to “a fault at recovering a dropped baton.”

European U23 Athletics Championships – 4x100m Results and Splits

Rank Country Athletes (Split Time) Time Record
1 Great Britain Cassie-Ann Pemberton (11.63s), Amy Hunt (10.58s), Alyson Bell (10.67s), Aleeya Sibbons (10.16s) 43.04s Championship Record
2 France Hillary Gode (11.86s), Marie-ange Rimlinger (10.60s), Gémima Joseph (10.71s), Paméra Losange (10.22s) 43.39s Season Best
3 Switzerland Nathacha Kouni (11.76s), Iris Caligiuri (10.80s), Léonie Pointet (10.80s), Melissa Gutschmidt (10.23s) 43.59s National U23 Record
4 Germany Antonia Dellert (11.82s), Talea Prepens (10.48s), Lilly Kaden (10.71s), Tina Benzinger (10.60s) 43.61s Season Best
5 Belgium Marine Jehaes (11.77s), Janie De Naeyer (10.79s), Miriam Oulare (10.84s), Delphine Nkansa (10.26s) 43.66s National U23 Record
6 Poland Dorota Puzio (11.93s), Monika Romaszko (10.74s), Aleksandra Krawczyk (11.08s), Nikola Horowska (10.12s) 43.87s Season Best
7 Slovak Republic Viktória Forster (11.76s), Viktoria Stryckova (11.17s), Lenka Kovačovicová (11.48s), Agáta Cellerová (10.65s) 45.06s National U23 Record
Finland Vilma Itälinna (12.11s), Anna Pursiainen (10.94s), Julia Ihantola (11.07s), Pirkitta Marjanen (DQ) DQ

Note: DQ stands for Disqualified. The Finnish team was disqualified due to a fault at recovering a dropped baton.

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