Start lists: Women's and men's 100m at Jamaica Track and Field Championships 2023

The women’s and men’s 100-meter semifinals at the Jamaica Track and Field Championships 2023 will take place on Friday, July 7. Here are the start lists for both events, scheduled for the evening session on the second day of competition at the National Stadium in Kingston.

The top three finishers in each heat, along with the next two fastest times, will advance to the final of each event. The competition is fierce in both categories, and spectators can anticipate an electrifying atmosphere even before the finals are contested later tonight.

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Women’s 100m Semifinals Start Lists

On the women’s side, World silver medalist Shericka Jackson cruised through the heats in 10.99 seconds, but her performance is expected to intensify in the semifinals. The defending national champion will start in the first semifinal heat against newly minted professional Alana Reid, as well as Kevona Davis, Shashalee Forbes, Kiara Grant, and Serena Cole.

Meanwhile, the second semifinal of the women’s 100m at the Jamaica Track and Field Championships 2023 will include the two-time Olympic sprint double champion Elaine Thompson-Herah.

Thompson-Herah, who has battled with injuries all season, aims to secure a place in the final and will start in lane five, where she will face a formidable opponent in Natasha Morrison, who displayed excellent form in her heat. Briana Williams and Kemba Nelson will also be competing in this heat, along with Tina Clayton, Ashanti Moore, and Jonielle Smith.

Moving on to the men’s 100m semifinals at the Jamaica Track and Field Championships 2023, spectators can also expect a thrilling showcase of talent.

Men’s 100m Semifinals Start Lists

There were three athletes who clocked sub-10-second performances in the heats, and two of them, Rohan Watson and Kishane Thompson, will face off in the first semifinal heat. Thompson and Watson, both coached by sprint guru Stephen Francis, recorded personal bests of 9.91 and 9.98 seconds, respectively, during the heats on Thursday night.

The second semifinal will feature two of the country’s most promising young sprinters, Ackeem Blake and Oblique Seville. However, they will face stiff competition from Kadrian Goldson, who blazed through the heats in a blistering 9.94 seconds. Bouwahjgie Nkrumie, another sub-10-second performer at his best, will also be lining up in this race.

The women’s and men’s 100m semifinals at the Jamaica Track and Field Championships 2023 are scheduled for 5:55 p.m. ET and 6:10 p.m. ET, respectively, on Friday.

Here are the start lists for the women’s and men’s 100m semifinals:


Heat 1 Semis

  1. Serena Cole, MVP, 11.19
  2. Kiara Grant, Unattached, 11.31
  3. Shashalee Forbes, Sprintec Tra, 11.09
  4. Shericka Jackson, MVP, 10.99
  5. Alana Reid, NIKE, 11.14
  6. Remona Burchell, Sprintec Tra, 11.20
  7. Lanae-Tava Thomas, University o, 11.24
  8. Kevona Davis, University o, 11.12

Heat 2 Semis

  1. Kemba Nelson, Elite Perfor, 11.19
  2. Tina Clayton, MVP, 11.19
  3. Ashanti Moore, Adidas, 11.15
  4. Natasha Morrison, MVP, 11.00
  5. Elaine Thompson Herah, New era trac, 11.12
  6. Jonielle Smith, MVP, 11.19
  7. Briana Williams, Titans Track, 11.19
  8. Shockoria Wallace, MVP, 11.19


Heat 1 Semis

  1. Jelani Walker, Adidas, 10.09
  2. Conroy Jones, Elite Perfor, 10.22
  3. Rohan Watson, MVP, 9.98
  4. Kishane Thompson, MVP, 9.91
  5. Nigel Ellis, Elite Perfor, 10.07
  6. Ramone Barnswell, MVP, 10.13
  7. Tyquendo Tracey, Swept Track, 10.22
  8. Ryiem Forde, Adidas, 10.01

Heat 2 Semis

  1. Sandrey Davison, Elite Perfor, 10.19
  2. Odaine McPherson, G.C. Foster, 10.21
  3. Ackeem Blake, Titans Track, 10.00
  4. Kadrian Goldson, G.C. Foster, 9.94
  5. Oblique Seville, Racers Track, 10.00
  6. Micheal Campbell, MVP, 10.10
  7. Bouwahjgie Nkrumie, Dr. Speed, 10.21
  8. Julian Forte, Elite Perfor, 10.10

Live results and updates will also be available here

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