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Latest Valsir Mountain Running World Cup Piz Tri Vertical results (July 15)

Kenyan Patrick Kipngeno at the Valsir Mountain Running World Cup

Kenya’s Patrick Kipngeno and Austria’s Andrea Mayr emerged as clear victors at the Piz Tri Vertical, a prestigious Gold Label Race in the Valsir Mountain Running World Cup, held in the picturesque town of Malonno, Italy, on Saturday, 15 July.

The course, spanning a mere 3.4km, presents a grueling challenge with a staggering ascent of 1000m. Its unforgiving steepness and relentless climbing make it a true test of endurance.

The runners commence their journey at Moscio, situated at an altitude of 820m, and face a continuous uphill battle until they reach Malga Campel, perched at 1820m on the slopes of Piz Tri.

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This year’s event boasted an impressive lineup, including six medalists from the recent World Mountain and Trail Running Championships. Among them were Kipngeno and Mayr, the gold medalists in the vertical uphill race. The field also showcased several promising up-and-coming runners.

The men’s race, which commenced half an hour after the women’s event, promised an enthralling duel between Kipngeno and defending champion Andrea Rostan of Italy, who also held the course record.

Philemon Kiriago of Kenya, last year’s runner-up and a strong contender in the recent vertical uphill race at the World Championships, added further excitement to the mix.

Kipngeno wasted no time in establishing an early lead, leaving no doubt that the rest of the field would be vying for second place. He held his ground and triumphed, smashing Rostan’s course record by a remarkable minute and a half, with an impressive time of 32:08.

Fellow Kenyan Kiriago secured second place with a time of 34:04, while Britain’s Joe Steward achieved a breakthrough performance, clinching third place in 34:35, a mere 15 seconds ahead of Rostan.

In the women’s race, Mayr, a five-time champion at this event and the current record-holder, faced fierce competition from Kenya’s Philaries Kisang, her formidable rival from the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships.

Similar to Kipngeno’s dominance in the men’s race, it came as no surprise to witness Mayr surge ahead from the early stages of the women’s event.

Kisang and Britain’s Scout Adkin, the victor at Montemuro just two weeks prior, gave chase, but Mayr’s composed and consistent performance ultimately secured her victory.

Mayr crossed the finish line in an impressive time of 37:14, shaving six seconds off her own course record. Adkin claimed second place with a time of 38:59, while Kisang completed the podium, finishing in 39:49.

Report via: World Athletics and World Mountain Running Association

Valsir Mountain Running World Cup Piz Tri Vertical results

The top 20 men’s finishers from the Piz Tri Vertical race:

  1. Patrick Kipngeno (Kenya), 32:03
  2. Philemon Ombogo Kiriago (Kenya), 34:04
  3. Joe Steward (Great Britain), 34:35
  4. Andrea Rostan (Italy), 34:50
  5. Filimon Abraham (Germany), 35:02
  6. Sylvain Cachard (France), 35:18
  7. Andrea Elia (Italy), 35:22
  8. Luciano Rota (Italy), 35:51
  9. Henri Aymonod (Italy), 36:01
  10. Tiziano Moia (Italy), 36:07
  11. Alex Baldaccini (Italy), 36:13
  12. Timotej Becan (Slovenia), 36:21
  13. Lorenzo Rota Martir (Italy), 37:31
  14. Damiano Pedretti (Italy), 37:35
  15. Tom Spenser (Great Britain), 37:48
  16. Alric Petit (France), 38:34
  17. James Espie (Scotland), 38:39
  18. Ephantus Mwangi Njeri (Kenya), 38:53
  19. Marco Malgarida (Italy), 38:59
  20. Luca Malgarida (Italy), 39:07

The top 20 women’s finishers from the Piz Tri Vertical race:

  1. Andrea Mayr (Austria), 37:14
  2. Scout Adkin (Great Britain), 38:59
  3. Philaries Kisang (Kenya), 39:49
  4. Monica Madalina Florea (Romania), 40:23
  5. Joyce Muthoni Njeru (Kenya), 41:40
  6. Valentina Belotti (Italy), 41:53
  7. Viviene Bonzi (Italy), 42:58
  8. Lucy Wambui Murigi (Kenya), 43:23
  9. Maria Dimitra Theocharis (Italy), 44:54
  10. Anna Lena Hofer (Italy), 45:16
  11. Maddalena Soma’ (Italy), 45:32
  12. Elisa Compagnoni (Italy), 45:45
  13. Emma Clayton (Great Britain), 46:10
  14. Eve Pannone (Great Britain), 46:37
  15. Moira Guerini (Italy), 47:08
  16. Sarah Carter (USA), 48:23
  17. Iris Baretto (Italy), 48:39
  18. Adele Blaise-Sohnius (Canada), 49:12
  19. Antonella Confortola (Italy), 49:32
  20. Natalie Beadle (Great Britain), 49:33

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