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Information by Kirsty Reade – World Mountain Running Association

Twenty nations gather this weekend – July 15 and 16 – to commemorate a significant milestone in mountain running history as the Fletta Trail and Piz Tri Vertical events take place. Fans can watch live streaming coverage of the Valsir Mountain Running World Cup, which features an impressive lineup of athletes.

The Fletta Trail and Piz Tri Vertical races

Although the competition doesn’t start until the weekend, the festivities kick off on Friday evening (14) with an athlete presentation and a special documentary screening to honor the 60-year legacy of the races. The exhilarating action commences on Saturday morning with the Piz Tri Vertical, a 3.8km race with 1000m+ upgrade (Up/Down). On Sunday, the Fletta Trail, which is a 20km race with a (Up/Down – 1022m+ / 999m-) of climb, will take place.

, will take place.

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For those unable to attend in person, the races will be broadcast live on and Whether you’re watching from your TV, laptop, mobile, or tablet, you won’t want to miss a moment of excitement.

Taking place in Malonno, Italy, the next two Gold Label races of this year’s Valsir Mountain Running World Cup – Piz Tri Vertical and Fletta Trail – embrace the sport’s rich heritage.

Known as “the village of mountain running,” Malonno has been hosting competitions for six decades, making it one of the world’s oldest mountain running events.

This weekend, both the Fletta Trail and the short uphill race, Piz Tri Vertical, will unfold, featuring a challenging 21km route with 1,100m of ascent and a historic 3.4km race with 1,000 meters of ascent, respectively.

Athletes from 20 countries will converge in Malonno, fueled by the desire to secure World Cup points and the honor of competing during this landmark year for the event. The competition promises to be fierce, with a remarkable field in both the women’s and men’s events.

Former winners, six individual medalists from the recent World Mountain and Trail Running Championships, and a rising generation of talented athletes will grace the course. With such a formidable lineup, it’s possible that this year could witness the shattering of records.

As for the fieds, the likes of Andrea Mayr, Joyce Njeru and Philaries Kisang will resume their rivalry in the women’s contest, while on the men’s side, expect Phil Kiriago and Patrick Kipngeno to be among the leading contenders.

Watch Live Streaming Coverage – Valsir Mountain Running World Cup

Don’t miss out on the live coverage of the Piz Tri Vertical and Fletta Trail races! Tune in to TELEBOARIO, available on SAT CHANNEL 81, or visit and to stream the races directly. You can also download the TELEBOARIO app for Mac and iPhone from the App Store or find it on Google Play for Android devices.

Experience the thrill of mountain running from wherever you are, as this historic event unfolds in Malonno, Italy.

Next up, after the Fletta Trail and Piz Tri Vertical events, the France leg of the Valsir Mountain Running World Cup is next up. La Montee Du Nid D’Aigle – France Saturday, 22 July, for a 20km race with a (1850m+ / 650m-) rise.

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