Abby Nichols tops the women's 2023 Sir Walter Miler results

Amon Kemboi and Abby Nichols delivered strong finishes to win the men’s and women’s Elite races, respectively, at the 2023 Sir Walter Miler on Friday. The athletes were cheered on by an enthusiastic crowd in Raleigh, North Carolina, from start to finish. The latest 2023 Sir Walter Miler results on 4 August.

Abby Nichols outsprinted rivals

In the women’s race, Nichols overtook her Hoka Naz Elite teammate Krissy Gear and Oiselle’s Madie Boreman in a powerful finish. She claimed the title with a time of 4:26.80, leading six women to finish under 4:30.

Nichols was trailing both Boreman and Gear as they entered the home straight, but she managed to outpace them in the final 20 meters, taking the lead and pulling away.

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Gear, who recently clinched the women’s 3000m steeplechase title at the USATF Outdoor Championships in Oregon, secured second place with a time of 4:27.51, having sprinted past Boreman, who finished third in 4:27.71.

Laurie Barton of Brooks Beasts TC (4:28.37), Katie Wasserman of Hoka Naz Elite (4:28.89), and Katie Camarena (4:29.75) were the other runners to finish under 4:30 in a thrilling contest.

Amon Kemboi takes men’s title

In the men’s race, Puma Elite’s Amon Kemboi also used a strong sprinting finish to win with a time of 3:57.84.

Ben Allen of Empire Elite finished as runner-up with a time of 3:58.19, followed by Dan Schaffer of Zap Endurance (3:58.57), Jesse Hunt (3:58.93), Ryan Adams from Furman Elite (3:59.44), and Andy Bayer (3:59.54) rounding out the top six.

The 2023 Sir Walter Miler results

Men’s Elite Race:

  1. Abby Nichols, Hoka Naz Elite, 4:26.80
  2. Krissy Gear, Hoka Naz Elite, 4:27.51
  3. Madie Boreman, Oiselle, 4:27.71
  4. Laurie Barton, Brooks Beasts TC, 4:28.37
  5. Katie Wasserman, Hoka Naz Elite, 4:28.89
  6. Katie Camarena, Unattached, 4:29.75
  7. Jenn Randall, Tracksmith, 4:30.23
  8. Stefanie Parsons, Unattached, 4:34.09
  9. Logan Jolly, Asics, 4:34.28
  10. Micaela DeGenero, Puma, 4:34.36
  11. Taylor Werner, Puma / Puma Elite, 4:40.35
  12. Gina McNamara, Grc / New Balance, 4:44.57
  13. Lauren Berman, Tracksmith, 4:53.58
    DNF. Ellie Leather, Under Armour

Women’s Elite Race:

  1. Amon Kemboi, Puma / Puma Elite, 3:57.84
  2. Ben Allen, Empire Elite, 3:58.19
  3. Dan Schaffer, Zap Endurance, 3:58.57
  4. Jesse Hunt, Unattached, 3:58.93
  5. Ryan Adams, Furman Elite, 3:59.44
  6. Andy Bayer, On, 3:59.54
  7. Craig Nowak, Unattached, 4:00.76
  8. Miles Smith, Peninsula Di, 4:01.08
  9. Eric Holt, Empire Elite, 4:02.37
  10. Jack Pinho, Baa, 4:03.24
  11. Billy Hill, Garden State, 4:12.57
    DNF. Mick Stanovsek, Puma / Puma Elite

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