Pan American U20 Championships gold medal winners: Sanaa Hebron of USA wins the 400m hurdles at the 2023 Pan American U20 Championships

MAYAGÜEZ, Puerto Rico, August 4 — The 2023 Pan American U20 Championships kicked off with a thrilling and action-packed day on Friday, with the USA dominating the gold medal standings. The American team secured 12 of the 15 track and field titles available, including clean sweeps in the 400m hurdles and shot put competitions.

Comprising talented high school and collegiate athletes, the American roster showcased their prowess, overshadowing the competition. – Read more: Evening Session Day 1: Pan American U20 Championships Results

Only Alana Reid, Miguel Castro Vasquez, and Sharon Herrera Soto managed to break through the American dominance, each securing a gold medal on the first day.

The excitement is set to continue on the second day, with fans eagerly anticipating more top-tier performances as some of the world’s leading juniors extend their busy season into August.

Below is the complete list of gold medal winners from the first day.

Day 1: 2023 Pan American U20 Championships gold medal winners

Gold Medal Winners Are:

  1. Mensi Stiff – Women’s Shot Put Country: USA
  2. Giavonna Meeks – Women’s Hammer Country: USA Distance: 59.17m (194′ 1″)
  3. Miguel Castro Vasquez – Men’s Hammer Country: Chile Distance: 72.47m (237′ 9″)
  4. Gary Moore – Men’s Shot Put Country: USA Distance: 19.60m (64-3.75)
  5. Avery Lewis – Women’s Long Jump Country: USA Distance: 6.22m (20-5)
  6. Caleb Jarema – 3K Steeplechase Country: USA Time: 9:05.92
  7. Jack Mann – Men’s Pole Vault Country: USA Height: 5m (16-4.75)
  8. Ellie Shea – Women’s 1,500m Country: USA Time: 4:16.61
  9. Sanaa Hebron – Women’s 400m Hurdles Country: USA Time: 56.90
  10. Bryce Tucker – Men’s 400m Hurdles Country: USA Time: 51.36
  11. Ethan Coleman – Men’s 5K Country: USA Time: 14:44.58
  12. Alana Reid – Women’s 100m Country: Jamaica Time: 11.33 (+0.3 m/s)
  13. Tyler Azcano – Men’s 100m Country: USA Time: 10.26 (+0.3 m/s)
  14. Mixed Relay – United States Time: 3:18.07
  15. Sharon Herrera Soto – Women’s 10,000m Race Walk Country: Costa Rica Time: 49:53.76

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