Nina Kennedy wins at Zurich Wanda Diamond League

ZURICH (30 August) – In a dazzling display at the 2023 Zurich Wanda Diamond League meeting today, Australia’s joint world champion Nina Kennedy vaulted to a world-leading 4.91m, setting an area record, a personal best, and a meeting record on Wednesday evening at the Zurich train station.

Nina Kennedy Delivered Stunning Performance at Zurich Wanda Diamond League

Kennedy, who recently shared the gold at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest with USA’s Katie Moon at a height of 4.90m, returned to the Diamond League spotlight in fine style. The standout performer was in stunning form today, soaring over 4.91m on her maiden attempt, en route to outclassing a world-class field.

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Kennedy edged out her co-champion, Moon, who secured second place with a 4.81m clearance. The podium’s third spot was claimed by American Sandi Morris, who achieved a season-best of 4.76m.

Wilma Murto of Finland, the European champion and bronze medalist from Budapest, managed a 4.51m clearance, settling for seventh.

Kennedy commenced her campaign at 4.51m, flawlessly clearing the opening height and 4.66m. However, she faced a slight hiccup, needing three attempts at 4.76m.

Undeterred, the Australian held her nerves, effortlessly clearing 4.81m, 4.86m, and the record-setting 4.91m on her first tries to firmly establish her dominance today.

Kennedy Shocked by Zurich Wanda Diamond League Performance

An ecstatic Kennedy shared, “I am really surprised! And I am so happy,” said Kennedy. “The crowd, the music, the runway – Zurich is really great. You relax, you enjoy the atmosphere and the crowd.

“This is all my dreams come true. I love Zurich. I wanted to put on a good show tonight, and I guess Katie and me did this! The energy from the crowd helped me so much, the runway was so fast.

“I just wanted to have fun today. I was thinking that maybe 4.80m was possible or 4.85 – but 4.91!!

Moon, reflecting on her performance and, indeed, that of Nina Kennedy, remarked, “I had a feeling that it would go high today. We are in the prime of our season. We can sneak over heights like 4.91.”

PHOTO: Nina Kennedy wins at Zurich Wanda Diamond League. Photo by Chiara Montesano

Zurich Wanda Diamond League meeting Results Details

Event Details:

  • Event: Zurich Wanda Diamond League
  • Date: 30th August 2023 – Main Station, Zürich (SUI) & 31st August 2023 – Letzigrund, Zürich (SUI)
  • Pole Vault Women Indoor: Main Station, 30 AUG 2023, 17:30


  • World Record: 5.02 by Jennifer SUHR (USA) on 2 MAR 2013
  • Meeting Record: 4.87 by Sandi MORRIS (USA), Katerina STEFANIDI (GRE), and Anzhelika SIDOROVA (ANA) in Zürich HB on different dates
  • World Lead: Nina KENNEDY (AUS): on 30 AUG 2023


  1. Nina KENNEDY (AUS): 4.91 (Area Record, Meeting Record, World Lead)
  2. Katie MOON (USA): 4.81
  3. Sandi MORRIS (USA): 4.76 (Season Best)
  4. Angelica MOSER (SUI): 4.66 (Season Best)
  5. Molly CAUDERY (GBR): 4.66 (Personal Best)
  6. Elisa MOLINAROLO (ITA): 4.51
  7. Tina ŠUTEJ (SLO): 4.51
  8. Amálie ŠVÁBÍKOVÁ (CZE): 4.51

Diamond League Qualifiers Standing (After 6 of 6 Qualification Meetings):

  1. Katie MOON: 44 Points
  2. Nina KENNEDY: 31 Points
  3. Tina ŠUTEJ: 28 Points
  4. Sandi MORRIS: 24 Points
  5. Wilma MURTO: 23 Points
  6. Roberta BRUNI: 13 Points

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