USA team after breaking the Pan American U20 Championships 4x100m relay record

MAYAGÜEZ, Puerto Rico, (August 5) — The United States women’s team shattered the Pan American U20 Championships 4x100m record on Saturday, clocking an impressive world U20 leading time of 42.88 seconds to clinch the gold medal. The event took place at the Jose A. Figueroa Freire Stadium in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.

The team, containing Kaila Jackson, Camryn Dickson, Avery Lewis, and Shawnti Jackson, dominated the event on their way to breaking the previous record of 43.38 seconds set by a USA quartet in 1999. – Read more: Results: Pan American U20 Championships Day 2 morning session

Jamaica, with 100m champion Alana Reid running the second leg, secured the silver medal with a time of 45.23 seconds. Canada claimed the bronze medal with a time of 46.15 seconds, narrowly edging out host Puerto Rico, which finished fourth in 46.18 seconds.

USA sets Pan American U20 Championships 4x100m relay record
USA sets Pan American U20 Championships 4x100m relay record

USA and Jamaica Disqualified in men’s 4x100m

In the men’s 4x100m relay at the 2023 Pan American U20 Championships, the United States crossed the finish line first but was later disqualified due to a baton exchange violation.

The Bahamas, initially finishing second, was awarded the gold medal with a time of 39.75 seconds. Puerto Rico moved up to claim the silver medal in 40.15 seconds, while Argentina completed the podium with a time of 40.26 seconds.

The USA team had initially fended off The Bahamas and crossed the line first in 39.73 seconds. However, the disqualification followed due to an illegal baton exchange outside of the designated zone.

Jamaica, another strong contender for the gold medal, faced significant difficulties with baton exchanges throughout the race and was eventually disqualified for a lane violation.

2023 Pan American U20 Championships 4x100m relay results

Men’s 4x100m Relay Results

The Men’s 400m relay at the event witnessed intense competition, which ended in excitement for the home team, while there were a pair of disqualifications. Here are the results:

  • 1st Place – Bahamas Time: 39.75
  • 2nd Place – Puerto Rico Time: 40.15
  • 3rd Place – Argentina Time: 40.26
  • 4th Place – Canada Time: 41.48
    Disqualified – United States Reason: TR 24.7
    Disqualified – Jamaica Reason: TR 17.3.2

The Men’s 400m relay was filled with exciting moments, with the Bahamas team claiming the top spot, followed by Puerto Rico and Argentina. Unfortunately, the United States and Jamaica teams were disqualified due to technical rule violations.

Women’s 4x100m Relay Results

The Women’s 400m relay brought forth some outstanding performances from the participating teams, which ended with a championships record and World U20 leading time. Here are the results:

  • 1st Place – United States Time: 42.88
  • 2nd Place – Jamaica Time: 45.23 seconds
  • 3rd Place – Canada Time: 46.15 seconds
  • 4th Place – Puerto Rico Time: 46.18 seconds

The United States claimed victory in the Women’s 400m relay with an impressive time of 42.88 seconds. Jamaica secured the second spot, while Canada and Puerto Rico put up strong performances to secure third and fourth places, respectively.

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