2023 Blackmores Sydney Marathon Results

The top 2023 Blackmores Sydney Marathon results on Sunday with Moroccan Othmane El Goumri and USA's Betsy Saina winning the men's and women's elite races.

(Sept. 17) —— Moroccan Othmane El Goumri and USA’s Betsy Saina won the men’s and women’s elite races, respectively, at the 2023 Blackmores Sydney Marathon on Sunday (17) local time. The marathon saw an unprecedented 17,000 participants, making it the largest ever held in Australia.

The 2023 Blackmores Sydney Marathon, which is part of the World Athletics Platinum Label Road Races –was dominated by African stars, who claimed the top seven spots on the men’s side and six of the seven places in the women’s race.

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The marathon took place on a hot but clear Sydney morning. Initially, there were concerns about smoke haze, but the weather remained mostly clear as forecasted and didn’t affect the runners.

  • Men’s Elite Race: Othmane El Goumri of Morocco emerged as the winner of the men’s race with a time of 2:08:20, beating Kenyan Laban Korir (2:08:43) and Ethiopian Getaneh Molla Tamire (2:11:22). The race took place on a redesigned, hilly course.
  • Women’s Elite Race: Meanwhile, former Kenyan and now USA runner Betsy Saina secured the win in the women’s race, clocking in at 2:26:47, ahead of Rahma Chota (2:26:53) and Gladys Kiptegai (2:28:41) of Ethiopia and Kenya, respective. Australian Sinead Diver, who has been struggling with injuries, finished eighth with a time of 2:31:27.

2023 Blackmores Sydney Marathon Results

Men’s Results

PosNameCountryGun TimeNet Time
1Othmane El Goumri (#6)MAR2:08:202:08:19
2Laban Kipngetich Korir (#3)KEN2:08:432:08:43
3Getaneh Molla TAMIRE (#15)ETH2:11:222:11:20
5Moses Kibet (#4)KEN2:13:282:13:26
7Elkanah Langat (#11)KEN2:20:152:20:14
8Brett Robinson (#9)AUS2:23:052:23:04
9Dean Menzies (#141)AUS2:23:372:23:35
10Thomas Do Canto (#79)AUS2:24:272:24:25
11Julian Spence (#84)AUS2:26:082:26:06
12Hajime Sakai (#81)JPN2:26:492:26:47
13Barnabas kiplimo (#44)KEN2:26:562:26:56
14Benjamin Ndegwa Ngandu (#80)JPN2:27:042:27:03
15Ben Cook (#126)AUS2:29:082:29:06
16Patrick Hennessy (#1894)AUS2:30:072:30:04
17Russell Dessaix-Chin (#89)AUS2:31:362:31:33
18Steven Chung (#1925)AUS2:32:152:32:11
19Nick Dewar (#1887)AUS2:33:232:33:19
20Daniel Ebbs (#1920)AUS2:34:112:34:07
21Jacob Foster (#1838)AUS2:34:372:34:35
22Andrew Dey (#127)AUS2:35:282:35:26
23Jeff Chaseling (#1891)AUS2:35:582:35:56
24Danny Soglanich (#1830)AUS2:36:042:36:02
25Tommy Betterbed (#1892)USA2:36:392:36:34

Women’s Results

PosNameCountryGun TimeNet Time
1Betsy Saina (#32)USA2:26:472:26:46
2Rahma Tusa Chota (#27)ETH2:26:532:26:52
4Angela Jemesunde Tanui (#22)KEN2:28:522:28:51
5Bekelech Borecha (#25)ETH2:29:132:29:11
6Antonina Kwambai (#29)KEN2:29:332:29:31
7Haven Hailu Desse (#24)ETH2:30:452:30:43
8Sinead Diver (#31)AUS2:31:272:31:26
9Sintayehu Tilahun Getahun (#30)ETH2:34:312:34:29
10Judith Jeptum Korir (#21)KEN2:34:462:34:46
11Kate Mason (#86)AUS2:40:242:40:22
12Kate Baker (#145)AUS2:46:362:46:33
13Rosie Weber (#150)AUS2:47:122:47:09
14Yukie Matsumura (#75)JPN2:48:222:48:20
15Caitriona Jennings (#78)HKG2:48:262:48:26
16Steph Auston (#1888)AUS2:50:402:50:35
17Ingrid Cleland (#121)AUS2:51:222:51:20
18Tamara Carvolth (#132)AUS2:53:462:53:43
19Stacey Winter (#1856)GBR2:53:492:53:18
20Regina Jensen (#118)AUS2:55:042:55:04
21Kirsten Buist (#147)AUS2:56:462:56:43
22Hannah Jones (#4977)AUS2:57:042:56:56
23Alexandra Barnes (#1875)AUS2:58:052:57:36
24Marlene Lootz (#1832)AUS2:58:412:58:37
25Eleanor Goldrick (#4462)AUS3:01:553:01:25
26Eloisa Cusi (#1840)USA3:03:373:03:32
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