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2023 Paul Short Run Results, team scores: Yale, Utah Valley wins Gold titles

Utah Valley men's cross country team in action - 2023 Paul Short Run results

(Sept. 30) — Evan Dorenkamp of Penn State and Judy Kosgei of South Carolina captured the titles in the men’s and women’s College Gold races at the 2023 Paul Short Run. The cross country event took place at the ASICS Goodman Campus Cross Country Course and was hosted by Lehigh University.

In the men’s 8k, Dorenkamp recorded a time of 23:53.7, securing a 5.6-second win over Navy junior Murphy Smith, who finished at 23:59.3. They were followed by Ethan Gregg of Wis.-La Crosse, who clocked 24:00.2.

Nicholas Kiprotich of Liberty (24:03) and Carlos Santos of Stony Brook (24:06.8) completed the top five. – Read more: William Amponsah wins Live in Lou Classic Men’s Gold 8k with 23:08

Yale claimed the men’s team title with 101 points, placing three runners in the top 25. Wingate took second with 123 points, and Stony Brook secured third with 159 points.

Judy Kosgei Wins Women’s Gold 6k Title

On the women’s side, South Carolina’s Judy Kosgei registered a time of 19:54.9 to win the 6k race, while No. 24 Utah Valley led the team standings with 77 points.

Kosgei set the pace from the first mile, clocking 5:19.1 and passing the two-mile marker at 10:44.2. She was unchallenged in the final stretch, securing a 7.2-second victory.

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Boston University freshman Hannah Prosser finished second with a time of 19:59.1. Emily Boutin of Navy (20:15.8), Morgan Nokes of Utah Valley (20:25.3), and Yonca Kutluk of North Dakota (20:28.6) rounded out the top five in the women’s race.

In the women’s team competition, Wake Forest scored 129 points for second place behind Utah Valley, followed by Boston University with 176 points, Penn State with 182 points, and Quinnipiac with 257 points.

Results List: Men’s 8K Race

1. Evan Dorenkamp, Penn State, 23:53.7
2. Murphy Smith, Navy, 23:59.3
3. Ethan Gregg, Wis.-La Crosse, 24:00.2
4. Nicholas Kiprotich, Liberty, 24:03.0
5. Carlos Santos, Stony Brook, 24:06.8
6. Guled Mohamid, Utah Valley, 24:08.1
7. Ricardo Barbosa, Wingate, 24:13.2
8. Owen Karas, Yale, 24:14.2
9. Wesley Bond, George Mason, 24:15.2
10. Nicholas Bannon, Guelph, 24:16.1
11. Isaac Wegner, Wis.-La Crosse, 24:17.7
12. Sean Kay, Yale, 24:17.8
13. Evan Brennan, Stony Brook, 24:18.1
14. Alexander Kirkland, Navy, 24:18.7
15. Jan Wouter Van Den Akker, UMass Lowell, 24:19.5
16. Shane Henderson, Stony Brook, 24:26.3
17. Foster Malleck, Boston University, 24:27.6
18. Caleb Olson, Liberty, 24:28.9
19. Erick Lara, Army West Point, 24:29.0
20. Scott Nutter, Wingate, 24:29.4
21. Joel Mendez, Utah Valley, 24:29.9
22. Soheil Boufrizi, Wingate, 24:30.1
23. Varun Oberai, Yale, 24:31.1
24. Abdulsalam Farah, Utah Valley, 24:31.8
25. Nick Mota, Belmont, 24:33.2

Results List: Women’s 6K Race

1. Judy Kosgei, South Carolina, 19:54.9
2. Hannah Prosser, Boston University, 19:59.1
3. Emily Boutin, Navy, 20:15.8
4. Morgan Nokes, Utah Valley, 20:25.3
5. Yonca Kutluk, North Dakota, 20:28.6
6. Ari Trimble, Utah Valley, 20:28.8
7. Brooke Wilson, Wake Forest, 20:29.1
8. Kaitlyn Vanderkolk, Belmont, 20:29.2
9. Vera Sjoberg, Boston University, 20:30.8
10. Cameron Ormond, Guelph, 20:33.3
11. Alexandra Carlson, Rutgers, 20:35.0
12. Grace Weigele, Stony Brook, 20:35.2
13. Grace Driskill, Georgia Tech, 20:37.6
14. Sarah Tait, West Virginia, 20:38.0
15. Caroline Garrett, Wake Forest, 20:38.9
16. Sophia Toti, Penn State, 20:40.0
17. Kamila Soja, Mercer, 20:42.2
18. Daisy Liljegren, Boston University, 20:42.8
19. Katherine Dowie, West Virginia, 20:44.1
20. Anna Martin, Utah Valley, 20:45.9
21. Madaline Ullom, Penn State, 20:50.8
22. Lydia Van Dijk, Wake Forest, 20:51.2
23. Lydia Beus, Utah Valley, 20:51.3
24. Abbie Fuhriman, Utah Valley, 20:52.7
25. Fiona McLoughlin, Stony Brook, 20:55.0

2023 Paul Short Run Team Scores

Women’s College Gold 6K Standings:

1Utah Valley77746202324(54)
2Wake Forest12915715223550(100)
3Boston University1765529186879(127)
4Penn State182571621345259(77)
6Georgia Tech282161341637689(95)
8West Virginia3372214195682166(286)
10Army West Point3946658677492103(133)

Men’s College Gold 8K Standings:

3Stony Brook15952513166263(100)
5Penn State20319134365775(107)
7Wis.-La Crosse271733114189127(143)
8Utah Valley278106212490137(153)
9Boston University3153817555981103(117)

Click here for full results and team scores.

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