Wisconsin women's cross country team - Badger Classic 2023 results

Madison, WI, (Sept. 9) – The Zimmer Championship XC Course in Madison, Wisconsin, was the battleground for the Badger Classic 2023 cross country meet, where Minnesota men and Wisconsin women claimed team victories in the 8000m and 5000m races, respectively.

Men’s 8000m: Minnesota Edges Out Illinois

Minnesota men’s team clinched the top spot with a total of 50 points, narrowly beating Illinois, who finished with 53 points. Ohio State followed closely in third place with 57 points.

Josh Truchon of Wisconsin led the individual race, clocking 24:10.3. He was followed by Illinois’ Jack Roberts and Alex Partlow, who finished in 24:12.6 and 24:22.2, respectively.

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Men’s Team Scores

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Women’s 5000m: Wisconsin Holds Off Michigan

In the women’s 5000m, Wisconsin secured first place with 46 points, followed by Michigan with 49 points and Northwestern with 53 points.

Addie Engel of Ohio State dominated the individual race, finishing in 17:57.4. She was followed by Michigan’s Kayla Windemuller and Northwestern’s Ava Earl, who clocked 18:03.2 and 18:03.8, respectively.

Women’s Team Scores

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The Badger Classic 2023 served as a crucial opening test for the teams and respective coaches as they began to prepare for the upcoming championship season.

Wisconsin will next travel to Chicago for the Sean Earl Lakefront Invitational on Sept. 29 at Montrose Harbor, located on the north end of Lincoln Park.

Badger Classic 2023 Results

WOMEN’S 5000M – 1. Addie Engel (Ohio State [JR]), 17:57.4; 2. Kayla Windemuller (Michigan [SR]), 18:03.2; 3. Ava Earl (Northwestern [JR]), 18:03.8; 4. Samantha Saenz (Michigan [SR]), 18:07.1; 5. Kalea Bartolotto (Northwestern [SR]), 18:15.9; 6. Victoria Heiligenthal (Wisconsin [SR]), 18:18.6; 7. Bella Jacobsen (Wisconsin [FR]), 18:18.8; 8. Danielle Orie (Wisconsin [SR]), 18:18.8; 9. Katherine Hessler (Northwestern [JR]), 18:20.8; 10. Taylor Kreitinger (Minnesota [SR]), 18:22.1; 11. Samantha Stieve (Wisconsin [SR]), 18:23.4; 12. Tilly Simpson (Michigan [SR]), 18:28.8; 13. Anna Delgado (Northwestern [FR]), 18:30.8; 14. Kylie Finger (Wisconsin [SO]), 18:33.0; 15. Samantha Hastie (Michigan [SO]), 18:33.3; 16. Lani Bloom (Michigan [FR]), 18:35.0; 17. Erin Reidy (Minnesota [JR]), 18:36.6; 18. Vivian Hacker (Wisconsin [SR]), 18:39.4; 19. Hannah Pricco (Michigan [FR]), 18:42.6; 20. Maggie Munson (Wisconsin [SO]), 18:43.2.

MEN’S 8000M – 1. Josh Truchon (Wisconsin [FR]), 24:10.3; 2. Jack Roberts (Illinois [SR]), 24:12.6; 3. Alex Partlow (Illinois [SO]), 24:22.2; 4. Shane Greipentrog (Minnesota [FR]), 24:30.2; 5. Emmet Anderson (Minnesota [SO]), 24:31.6; 6. Kevin Agnew (Ohio State [SO]), 24:33.9; 7. Anthony Maida (Illinois [JR]), 24:37.0; 8. Giovanni Copploe (Ohio State [SR]), 24:37.9; 9. Miles Sheppard (Iowa [FR]), 24:38.3; 10. Sean Carney (Ohio State [JR]), 24:44.7; 11. Noah Kohut-Jackson (Minnesota [JR]), 24:50.8; 12. Sam Craig (Wisconsin [SR]), 24:51.6; 13. Brady Masters (Illinois [SO]), 24:52.8; 14. Daniel VanAcker (Minnesota [FR]), 24:55.5; 15. Zach Beneteau (Ohio State [SO]), 24:55.9; 16. Leo Goodman (Minnesota [SO]), 25:00.3; 17. Hayden Kuhn (Iowa [SO]), 25:02.5; 18. Zubin Jha (Ohio State [JR]), 25:04.6; 19. Oliver Paleen (Wisconsin [JR]), 25:07.8; 20. Keegan Souhan (Ohio State [SO]), 25:09.2.

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