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Mexico City Marathon had to disqualify staggering 11,000 cheats

Mexico City Marathon revealed a week ago that a stunning 11,000 runners were disqualified for cheating. Mexico City Marathon holds World Athletics Gold Label status.

Latest Marathon results, recap, review and preview
Latest Marathon results, recap, review and preview

First reported on Sept. 6, 2023

In an unusual move that went viral through the running community rather quickly, the Mexico City Marathon revealed that a staggering 11,000 runners were disqualified for cheating. The news, reported by Reuters a week ago, has raised serious questions about the integrity of amateur running events and the measures in place to ensure fair competition.

The mass disqualification comes after race officials conducted a thorough review of the event’s timing system and surveillance footage.

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While the specifics of the cheating methods have not been disclosed, the sheer number of disqualified participants suggests a widespread issue that goes beyond a few isolated incidents.

The Mexico City Marathon, one of the most popular marathons in the world, attracts a diverse field of runners, from elite athletes to recreational joggers. The disqualifications have cast a shadow over the event, prompting organizers to take immediate action to restore its reputation.

“The Mexico City Sports Institute informs that it will proceed to identify those cases in which participants of the XL Mexico City Marathon Telcel 2023 have demonstrated an unsportsmanlike attitude during the event and will invalidate their registration times,” race organizers said in a statement to Marca.

As the running community grapples with the implications of this scandal, the focus now shifts to the upcoming marathons and how they will address the issue of cheating.

“This great event not only represents an outstanding celebration for all the inhabitants of the capital, but also an occasion to reaffirm the transcendental values of sport.”

With the New York City Marathon and the Boston Marathon on the horizon, race organizers worldwide are likely reevaluating their security measures to prevent a similar debacle.

Mexico City Marathon, which holds World Athletics Gold Label status, was bound to take action after learning of the cheats in an attempt to remain relevant as an events that upholds the strictest standards for planning, organisation and delivering first-class performance.

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