Weini Kelati and Clayton Young at the USATF 10 km Championships at the 2023 Great Cow Harbor 10K Run

NORTHPORT, New York (Sept. 23) – Weini Kelati and Clayton Young emerged as the champions of the 2023 Great Cow Harbor 10K Run – USATF 10 km Championships held in Northport, New York, on Saturday.

Weini Kelati takes women’s race

In the women’s division, Weini Kelati, aged 27, displayed exceptional performance as she went out fast from the start while mixing it up with the men and ended with a solid time of 31:57. She finished 28th overall in the contest, less than a week after a tough race in Eugene, last week.

Kelati left circuit leader Ednah Kurgat in her wake, with Kurgat finishing second with a time of 32:40. Emma Hurley claimed the third spot, completing the podium with a time of 32:56.

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“I was trying to stay easy in the first 2-3 miles and then go from that, but it’s always fun to start with the men’s race, so I was just following them,” said Kelati, who revealed that she hadn’t anticipated a fast start.

Clayton Young wins men’s 2023 Great Cow Harbor 10K

In the men’s race, Clayton Young asserted his dominance with a remarkable time of 28:49, earning him the top spot. Willy Fink secured second place, closely trailing Young with a time of 28:52, while circuit leader Leonard Korir secured third place with a time of 28:54.

Both Weini Kelati and Clayton Young earned well-deserved rewards, with USD $8,000 each for their winning performances. Additionally, monetary prizes were distributed to recognize the achievements of the top 10 finishers, further emphasizing the significance of their contributions to this prestigious event.

The USATF 10 km Championships award and money prizes.

  • 1st – $8,000
  • 2nd – $4,500
  • 3rd – $2,750
  • 4th – $1,500
  • 5th – $1,200
  • 6th – $750
  • 7th – $600
  • 8th – $500
  • 9th – $400
  • 10th – $300

2023 Great Cow Harbor 10K Run – USATF 10 km Championships Results

Full results here

Top 10 Women results

1Weini Kelati31:57
2Ednah Kurgat32:40
3Emma Hurley32:56
4Amanda Vestri33:02
5Jeralyn Poe33:13
6Anne-Marie Blaney33:31
7Sophia King33:50
8Regan Rome33:58
9Grace Moore34:00
10Mackenna Curtis-Collins34:06
11Sara Lopez34:07
12Annika Urban34:34
13Kassie Parker34:36
14Angie Rafter34:40
15Zariel MacChia35:05
16Kathryn Munks35:08
17Lianne Farber35:14
18Jessica Donohue35:19
19Elizabeth Caldwell36:27
20Paola Ramos36:38

Top 10 Men results

1Clayton Young28:49
2Willy Fink28:52
3Leonard Korir28:54
4Daniel Mesfun28:56
5James Quattlebaum29:00
6Tai Dinger29:02
7Christopher Alfond29:29
8Emmanuel Bor29:33
9Nick Randazzo29:33
10Sydney Gidabuday29:41
11Karl Thiessen29:42
12Jason Weitzel29:46
13Brody Smith29:48
14Michael Jordan29:51
15Eduardo Garcia29:57
16Paul Arredondo30:02
17Jarrod Ottman30:31
18Arnaldo Martinez Reyes30:31
19Nick Regas30:44
20Ryan Brown30:57

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