2023 bill dellinger invitational: kaylee mitchell with a big lead

The following are the latest images from the 2023 Bill Dellinger Invitational, which included women’s race winner Kaylee Mitchell of Oregon State. The 2023 Bill Dellinger Invitational cross country meet was held September 22nd in Springfield, Oregon.

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Kaylee Mitchell won the women’s 6000m by some 18-seconds in her season opener, while the women’s 6k title went to BYU. On the men’s side, meanwhile, LSU graduate transfer Davis Bove pilot Cal Poly past host Oregon in the 8000m battle on the day.

2023 bill dellinger invitational
2023 Bill Dellinger Invitational: Brianna Weidler, 2nd, Linda Perez, 6th, Jenna Hutchins, 8th, Lexy Halladay-Lowry, 4th, and Sierra Atkins, 3rd
2023 bill dellinger invitational: quincy norman leads early in the race
2023 Bill Dellinger Invitational: Quincy Norman Leads Early in the Race
2023 bill dellinger invitational: kaylee mitchell with a big lead
2023 Bill Dellinger Invitational: Kaylee Mitchell with a Big Lead
2023 bill dellinger invitational izzy thornton bott
2023 Bill Dellinger Invitational: Izzy Thornton-Bott,

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