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Men’s start list: 2023 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Start list for the men's elite race at the 2023 Bank of America Chicago Marathon - part of the World Athletics Platinum Label Road Races. Full list below in this page with all the top athletes.

Mellissa Henry

Chicago_Winners_Benson Kipruto and Ruth Chepngetich
PHOTO: The winners of the 2022 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Benson Kipruto and Ruth Chepngetich of Kenya (© 2022 Bank of America Chicago Marathon/Kevin Morris; used with permission)

Chicago, IL – The 2023 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Men’s Elite Division is shaping up to be a historic showdown. Benson Kipruto, the 2022 champion, aims for a back-to-back win, a feat not achieved since Sammy Wanjiru in 2010.

However, he faces formidable competition, including Kelvin Kiptum, the second-fastest man in history, making his U.S. marathon debut, as well as a host of other top runners from across the club. The complete 2023 Bank of America Chicago Marathon start list for the men’s elite is below.

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Kipruto’s Quest for History

Benson Kipruto, last year’s champion, broke away in the 25th mile to secure his win with the fourth-fastest time ever recorded in Chicago. A repeat win would make him the first back-to-back men’s open field champion in over a decade.

Kiptum’s U.S. Debut

Kelvin Kiptum, who nearly broke the world record in his second-ever marathon at the 2023 London Marathon, is set to make his U.S. marathon debut. His personal best of 2:01:25 makes him a serious contender for the title.

Other Heavyweights

The field also includes Olympic medalist Bashir Abdi, 2021 Chicago winner Seifu Tura, American leader and Olympic hopeful Connor Mantz, and Galen Rupp, the only American to win the race in the last 20 years.

2023 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Professional Field: Men’s Elite Division Start List

Athlete Information

Bib #NamePersonal BestCountry
1Benson Kipruto2:04:24 (Chicago, 2022)KEN
2Kelvin Kiptum2:01:25 (London, 2023)KEN
3Bashir Abdi2:03:36 (Rotterdam, 2021)BEL
4Kinde Atanaw2:03:51 (Valencia, 2019)ETH
5Dawit Wolde2:04:27 (Rotterdam, 2021)ETH
6Seifu Tura2:04:29 (Milan, 2021)ETH
7John Korir2:05:01 (Chicago, 2022)KEN
8Huseydin Mohamed2:05:05 (Amsterdam, 2022)ETH
9Galen Rupp2:06:07 (Prague, 2018)USA
35Leonard Korir2:07:56 (Amsterdam, 2019)USA
10Conner Mantz2:08:16 (Chicago, 2022)USA
11Yuki Matsumura2:09:01 (Otsu, 2021)JPN
12Takashi Ichida2:09:15 (Oita, 2022)JPN
16Matt McDonald2:09:49 (Chicago, 2022)USA
17Mick Iacofano2:09:55 (Chandler, 2020)USA
18Masashi Nonaka2:09:57 (Osaka, 2023)JPN
19Daniel Mesfun2:10:06 (Toronto, 2018)USA
20Masaki Tsuda2:10:40 (Oita, 2023)JPN
21Mizuki Higashi2:11:04 (Tokyo, 2023)JPN
22Andrew Colley2:11:26 (Rotterdam, 2023)USA
23Frank Lara2:11:32 (Houston, 2022)USA
24Kevin Salvano2:11:49 (Duluth, 2023)USA
25Clayton Young2:11:51 (Chicago, 2022)USA
26Joel Reichow2:12:11 (Sacramento, 2022)USA
27Brian Shrader2:12:53 (Paris, 2023)USA
28Dan Kremske2:14:53 (Chicago, 2019)USA
29Sam Chelanga2:15:02 (Chicago, 2017)USA
30Daniel MateikoDebutKEN
31Wesley KiptooDebutKEN
32Connor WinterDebutUSA
33Jordan GusmanDebutMLT
34Alec SanduskyDebutUSA

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