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Titus Ekiru’s 10-Year Ban Raises Questions on Attempt to Deceive Athletics Integrity Unit

The 10-year ban against Titus Ekiru has raised questions about whether the athlete tried to deceive the AIU to escape sanctions. The Kenyan marathon runner once boasted a personal best of 2:02:57, which is the joint No. 6 marathon time on the World Athletics all-time list.

titus ekiru of kenya at the milan marathon
Titus Ekiru of Kenya at the Milan Marathon

Nairobi, Kenya — Titus Ekiru, the Kenyan marathon runner who once boasted a personal best of 2:02:57, has been slapped with a 10-year ban by the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU). The ban follows a comprehensive investigation into Ekiru’s alleged tampering with doping control procedures and the presence of prohibited substances in his system.

The case against Ekiru has raised questions about whether the athlete tried to deceive the AIU to escape sanctions.


  • Titus Ekiru receives a 10-year ban from the Athletics Integrity Unit.
  • Ekiru initially intended to contest the charges but withdrew, faced with substantial evidence.
  • Two positive tests for prohibited substances led to his disqualification and forfeiture of prizes.
  • The ban raises questions about Ekiru’s attempt to deceive the AIU through false documentation.
  • The athlete’s fall from grace is a significant blow to his career, once considered among the world’s fastest marathoners.

A Series of Damning Conclusions

According to the AIU, “Ekiru said he received an outpatient number and card on his first visit on April 29 which he subsequently used on his second visit on May 6, but hospital documents obtained by the AIU revealed that the outpatient number was not issued to Ekiru until June 16, 2021.”

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The Nandi County Director of Medical Services further solidified the case against Ekiru, with the release stating that “any medical documents for his alleged treatment on 29 April 2021 and 6 May 2021 were produced on or after 16 June 2021 and were back-dated.”

kenyan marathon runner titus ekiru celebrates a win
Kenyan marathon runner Titus Ekiru celebrates a win

Charges and Counter-Charges

“In July 2023, he was charged with two counts of the Presence of a Prohibited Substance, as per Rule 2.1 of the World Athletics Anti-Doping Rules (ADR), and two counts of Tampering or Attempted Tampering with any part of Doping Control (ADR Rule 2.5).

“Initially, Ekiru signaled his intention to contest the charges. However, faced with substantial evidence against him, the Kenyan athlete decided that he no longer wanted to pursue the case,” the AIU revealed.

Titus Ekiru‘s Fall from Grace

Ekiru had tested positive twice for prohibited substances: once at the Milan Marathon for triamcinolone acetonide and again at the Abu Dhabi Marathon for synthetic opioid.

“This sanction follows a comprehensive investigation which revealed Tampering by the 31-year-old to obstruct the AIU’s probe into two Adverse Analytical Findings (AAFs), using ‘false/misleading information and documentation’,” the AIU stated.

titus ekiru of kenya
Titus Ekiru of Kenya take a photo

Career Likely Over For Titus Ekiru

The 10-year ban, effective from June 28, 2022, to June 27, 2032, marks a significant downfall for an athlete who was once joint-sixth on the world all-time rankings.

Kelvin Kiptum holds the world record with a time of 2:00:35, set at the Chicago Marathon. He broke the previous world record 2:01:09, set by Kenyan two-time reigning Olympic champion Eliud Kipchoge in Berlin in 2022.

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