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Usain Bolt To Be Ambassador For ‘The Long Run’ Charity

MUNICH — Usain Bolt has teamed up with former UK sprinter, Colin Jackson to be a Charity Ambassador for ‘The Long Run’  charity, an initiative of the Zeitz Foundation. The foundation is the brain child of the PUMA’s Chairman, Jochen Zeitz. The foundation seeks to support the hostgator review development for safeguarding the earth’s ecosphere.

Bolt is who is away on this assignment, will travel to London, Munich and Nairobi as part of his new role. In an interview, Zeitz disclosed that “through investing in research and implementing innovative projects that balance conversation, community, culture and commerce. The Foundation will strive to promote holistic approaches to enhancing economic, environmental and social sustainability in order to achieve “intercultural ecosphere safety.”

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This announcement was made at a news conference in Munich, Germany on Wednesday, October 28.

Bolt returns to the island early November following which he will resume training for the 2010 track and field season.

In the meantime, plans are fully operational for the hosting of his 9.58 SuperParty scheduled for Saturday, December 5 where there will see a blend of international stars experiencing Jamaica with Usain as host.

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