european athletics team championships division 2 final standings

Ireland, Austria, and Israel celebrated their outstanding performance at the European Athletics Team Championships, securing promotion to Division 2 for the 2025 championships. The triumphant nations dominated the competition, sweeping the podium on the thrilling third and final morning of events at Silesian Stadium.

Ireland Returns To European Athletics Team Championships Division 2 After Relegation

Having missed out on the previous championships due to COVID-related reasons, Ireland made a triumphant comeback this year, reclaiming their position among Europe’s finest athletics teams. Their stellar performance over the last three days earned them the top spot in the table standings, accumulating an impressive total of 494 points.

Austria also had an impressive championship, despite missing out on winning the title. The Austrians led after Day 1 but were pushed back over the last two days and claimed second place with a score of 473.50 points. – Read more: How to watch the European Athletics Team Championships 2023?

Meanwhile, Israel showcased their determination to get on the podium, securing the third and final promotion spot after tallying an impressive 434 points.

In contrast, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, and Liechtenstein faced relegation to Division 1 for the upcoming 2025 European Athletics Team Championships.

Azerbaijan’s Hanna Skydan wins Hammer with 71.69: European Athletics Team Championships 2023 – DIV 3

Liechtenstein struggled throughout the competition, finishing at the bottom of the table standings in 15th place, managing to gather a mere 32 points without securing a single top-four finish.

Kosovo, unable to clinch a top-two position, ended 14th place with 150 points, while Azerbaijan, finished in 13th place with 180 points, fell short by a mere 12 points behind San Marino, who successfully retained their place in the division.

A commanding performance by Ireland saw them claim victory in an impressive 14 events, earning them a total of 210 points.

Day 2: European Team Championships 2023 Division 3 table standings

In stark contrast, San Marino, Kosovo, and Liechtenstein failed to secure any top finishes, leaving them empty-handed in terms of first-place points.

European Athletics Team Championships Division 3 Final Standings

Rank Nation Total 1st – points
Pl Pts
1 Ireland 494 14 210
2 Austria 473.5 9 135
3 Israel 434 1 15
4 Bosnia and Herzegovina 363 2 30
5 Malta 352.5 1 15
6 Georgia 290 1 15
7 Andorra 269 1 15
8 Montenegro 258 1 15
9 Albania 257 3 45
10 Armenia 255 1 15
11 The Republic of North Macedonia 235 1 15
12 San Marino 192 0
13 Azerbaijan 180 2 30
14 Kosovo 150 0
15 Liechtenstein 32 0

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