The following are the latest track and field results from the 2023 Bahamian Championships, held at the T. Robinson Stadium, in Nassau, with the likes of Steven Gardiner, Terrence Jones, and Anthonique Strachan among the standout performers at the three-day national championships.

Strachan won the women’s sprint double at the championships after clocking 11.13 seconds (+1.0 m/s) to win the 100m dash and returned on the final day to take the 200m crown with a time of 23.41 seconds, achieved in a -1.2 m/s headwind.

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Meanwhile, Olympic champion Steven Gardiner posted a comfortable 44.64 secs to dominate the men’s 400m dash with his second-fast time of the season. Wendell Miller, who ran 46.16 secs, trailed home at a distant second place.

Elsewhere at the meet, NCAA star Terrence Jones won the men’s 100m with a time of 10.15 secs, former world champion Donald Thomas won the men’s high jump with a clearance of 2.28m, while Devynne Charlton won the women’s 100m hurdles with 12.93 secs (-1.1 m/s) and Charisma Taylor won the women’s triple jump and long jump crowns.

In other latest track and field results from the 2023 Bahamian Championships, this past weekend, two-time Olympic 400m champion Shaunae Miller-Uibo contested the women’s Heptathlon, 10 weeks after she gave birth.

Latest track and field results from the 2023 Bahamian Championships

Men’s 100m Final 1, Wind: +1.2

  1. Terrence Jones, BAH, 10.15
  2. Samson Colebrooke, BAH, 10.24
  3. Joel Johnson, BAH, 10.37
  4. Demetrius Rolle, BAH, 10.42
  5. Deedro Clarke, BAH, 10.42
  6. Showalter Johnson, BAH, 10.58
  7. Karon Dean, BAH, 10.96
    DNS. Wanya McCoy, BAH

Men’s 400m Final

  1. Steven Gardiner, BAH, 44.64
  2. Wendell Miller, BAH, 46.16
  3. Gregory Seymour, BAH, 47.95
  4. Kinard Rolle, BAH, 48.09
  5. Donya Roberts, BAH, 49.89
  6. Andre Colebrook, BAH, 49.93
    DNF. Alonzo Russell, BAH
    OC. Dakari Hill, USA, 48.07

Men’s High Jump Final

  1. Donald Thomas, BAH, 2.28
  2. Kyle Alcine, BAH, 2.15
  3. Shaun Miller Jr., BAH, 2.1
    OC. Dakari Hill, USA, 2.05

Women’s 100m Final, Wind: +1.0

  1. Anthonique Strachan, BAH, 11.13
  2. Camille Rutherford, BAH, 11.4
  3. Denisha Cartwright, BAH, 11.54
  4. Printassia Johnson, BAH, 11.71
  5. Sasha Wells, BAH, 12.21
  6. Barianique Strachan, BAH, 12.33
  7. Candace Deanthea Vanria Murphy, BAH, 12.84
    DQ. Jenae Ambrose, BAH

Women’s 200m Final, Wind: -1.2

  1. Anthonique Strachan, BAH, 23.41
  2. Gabrielle Gibson, BAH, 24.15
  3. Jenae Ambrose, BAH, 25.27
  4. Barianique Strachan, BAH, 25.79
    DNF. Printassia Johnson, BAH

Women’s 100m Hurdles Final, Wind: -1.1

  1. Devynne Charlton, BAH, 12.93
  2. Charisma Taylor, BAH, 13.04
  3. Denisha Cartwright, BAH, 13.23
  4. Gabrielle Gibson, BAH, 13.7
  5. Sasha Wells, BAH, 14
  6. Candace Deanthea Vanria Murphy, BAH, 15.5
    OC. Mulern Jean, HAI, 13.23

Women’s Triple Jump Final

  1. Charisma Taylor, BAH, 14.01m, (+2.1 m/s)

Women’s Long Jump Final

  1. Charisma Taylor, BAH, 6.22m, (-1.6 m/s)

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