Danniel Thomas-Dodd wins BAUHAUS-galan Stockholm Wanda Diamond League

STOCKHOLM, July 2, 2023 – Jamaica’s Danniel Thomas-Dodd won the women’s Shot Put in dramatic fashion in wet and rainy conditions at the BAUHAUS-galan Stockholm Diamond League meeting on Sunday (2) after throwing 19.04 meters in the final round of the competition.

Thomas-Dodd, the world silver medalist in 2019, sat in third place heading into the sixth and final throw of the contest, but the Jamaican national record holder was able to produce her best mark of the day when it mattered most to overtake Jessica Schilder from the Netherlands and Sweden’s Fanny Roos to secure the win.

Schilder led the contest through the first five rounds after opening with a season-best throw of 19.03m. But the world bronze medalist wasn’t able to improve on that effort in the proceeding rounds.

Reflecting on the conditions, Thomas-Dodd said, “We did what we could do with these conditions. I am just so proud of these ladies.

“We knew it was not going to be in our favour with the weather but I am glad for the ladies to come up and showing we can put a good competition. I do not think I have ever competed in such rain.”

Meanwhile, despite the last round defeat, Jessica Schilder was too bothered.

“The goal for today was to qualify for the Olympic Games, and I did,” she said. “The first throw I just focused on relaxed throwing.

“I have never competed before in such rainy conditions, so I knew that the first throw had to be good. Now we also understand better what we have to work on in the next weeks.

“I had one good throw, which was invalid unfortunately, but that´s part of the game. Now on to the next one.”

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Roos, representing the host nation, secured third with a throw of 18.75 meters.

Jorinde van Klinken from the Netherlands, finished fourth with a throw of 18.24 meters. Yemisi Ogunleye and Julia Ritter from Germany secured fifth and sixth place with throws of 17.94 meters and 17.92 meters, respectively.

World Record, Diamond League Record and World Lead

The world record for women’s shot put, set by Natalya Lisovskaya from the USSR in 1987, remains untouched at 22.63 meters.

Meanwhile, the Diamond League record, set by Valerie Adams from New Zealand in 2012, also stands at 21.03 meters.

The world lead for 2023 is currently held by Maggie Ewen from the USA, with a throw of 20.45 meters.


  1. Danniel Thomas-Dodd (JAM) – 19.04 meters
  2. Jessica Schilder (NED) – 19.03 meters (Season Best)
  3. Fanny Roos (SWE) – 18.75 meters
  4. Jorinde van Klinken (NED) – 18.24 meters
  5. Yemisi Ogunleye (GER) – 17.94 meters
  6. Julia Ritter (GER) – 17.92 meters
  7. Sara Lennman (SWE) – 16.79 meters
  8. Anita Márton (HUN) – 16.38 meters

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