Glen Mills, coach of triple Olympic and World Championship gold medallist Usain Bolt and president of the Racers Track Club, has retired from his post as national senior head coach, ending a 22-year reign.

“I feel that after being head coach for every World Championship, except the inaugural one and the one in 2003, and every Olympic Games since 1988, that’s a good run, and the crowning glory in Beijing… it’s good to quit while you’re ahead,” Mills told the Observer in an exclusive interview on Monday.

Last year Mills received Jamaica’s fifth highest national award, the Order of Distinction (OD) in the rank of Commander Class for his service to track and field.

“I leave the scene in terms of the continued challenges of the (Jamaica Amateur Athletic) Association, athletes and coaches, but despite that, I leave with the performances being the highest it has ever been in the history of Jamaica’s track and field, so one wonders if it isn’t a paradox that these controversies results in tremendous successes,” Mills joked…..

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