South Africa’s Olympic governing body, the SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee has suspended Athletics South Africa President Leonard Chuene over his handling of the gender row over Caster Semenya.

The ASA board and its members have also been suspended pending a disciplinary investigation into the matter.

A statement said: “Athletics South Africa wishes to publicly and unconditionally apologise to Caster Semenya and her family, the President of South Africa as well as to all South Africans for the handling of her gender verification processes and the subsequent aftermath.”

Meanwhile, according to report from BBC Sports, Semenya, the athlete involved in the controversy since claiming the gold medal over the 800m at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin in August, was not fully informed by the ASA.

“She was told it was random doping tests she was being taken to in South Africa and Berlin, in the meantime it was gender verification tests,” former South Africa coach Wilf Daniels was quoted as telling BBC Sport.

“She was never briefed properly about her rights and the implications about outcome of the tests.

“She was never given the opportunity to make a decision to compete or allow medical interventions that could the regularise her situation.”

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