Great Britain’s World triple jump gold medal winner Phillips Idowu has withdrawn from the World Indoor Championships in Doha later this week.

The 31-year-old, who won World Championship gold outdoors in Berlin last summer, made the decision for personal reasons following the birth of his second child last week.

Idowu said: “I am gutted not to be representing the Aviva GB Team in Doha and passing up the opportunity to defend my title.

“However the late arrival of my baby boy has meant that my training has been severely disrupted and I decided after talking with my coach that I’d not had the preparation we agreed was needed to do the British team proud.

“I was hoping to avoid this by competing in a larger than usual number of events early in the season, but it hasn’t worked out that way.

“Instead I will increase the training with a focus on the European Championships in Barcelona. I wish the team the best of luck in Doha.”

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  1. this must be some kind of joke. I have kids, we all have kids. did this guy carry a baby for nine months. As i said B4, WADA has now found a method of testing for HGH. I can bet we’re gonna see quite a few people, no longer running as fast as they once did. and just the same many more will be withdrawing their names from track meets in order to give their bodies time to detox. I’m sure that WADA is Suspicious of this. The next two years should be interesting. more power to WADA.

  2. Waynef my brother, your so right..many more of those so called athletes will be pulling out of meets all over the world…but you know what i think WADA should do Waynef, any athlete who has made a commitment to participate in any meet…should be tested, weather they participate or withdraw, for whatever reason.

  3. guys i hope you are right i take this very personally because my husband had 2b there for the birth of both my kids recently i went through a very rough birth given my age and i have been very reliant on him so what are you saying that a man should not be as involved in taking care of a baby as the woman especially if the birth was ceasarian as in my case. i just hope you guys have some information why you would say so then thats a different story i happen to like this flambouyant athlete let me hear your feedback on this

  4. no disrespect Minnie. what i’m saying is that this man is not injured. he did not say that he has not been training. his statement is that training has been severely disrupted. furthermore i’ve seen numerous athletes run or attmpt to run injured over the past two years. athletes that missed plenty of time due to serious injury and many surgeries. Shelly ann Fraser in 2009, Tyson gay in 08 and 09, Asafa in 08 and 09, Veronica Campbell Brown and her infected toe, Sherone Simpson and her knee surgery 2009, Omar Brown , Darvis Patton’s wife had a baby last season, and he missed some training. Too many athletes have defended or attempted to defend their title limping for this man to make an excuse like this. Liu Xaing attempted to defend his Olympic title on one leg in 2008. I can think of many more. I don’t get what this man is talking about. When I was a student in University I went to school in the moning, slept in the nights at the hospital for the four days that my WIFE WAS IN THE HOSPITAL having my second son, during a very difficult labour. I lost a lot of sleep I was a wreck. It affected my studies but I did not miss any of my exams, and it was exam time. mid November.

  5. now that sound better cause trust me i have nothing but respect 4 a man who is there 4 his wife on those very difficult times but funny you should mention patton i happen 2 like him and have gained a new respect 4 him i wish sometimes he would be as fast as tyson im sure he would be just as humble. getting back to the point i hope idowu is fine cause truth b told i like him

  6. I like them all. Thats why I’m deeply dissappointed when they (the cheaters) cheat. not calling any names of-course. All I’m saying is give a good reason. Sherone simpson hurried back from knee surgery to try out for the Jamaican team to Berlin even though her preparation was severely interupted by injury and surgery. TRyson gay Did everything he could to run in the 100m finals in berlin. this guy is the defending champion. prized fighters don’t surrender their title without a fight. how many people have we seen compete at all levels of competition while they were not yet 100%. wether they missed some training time or due to injury. thats not a reason not to compete. missing some training is a lot better predicament than being injured.

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