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Watch NCAA Outdoor Championships 2021

The 2021 NCAA Outdoor Championships will take place from Wednesday, June 9 through Saturday, June 12 at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon, and you can watch live streaming and television coverage of all four days. Live streaming coverage will be on WatchESPN, with ESPU and ESPN2 providing the television broadcast. Live Results will be here.

A complete list of participants is available here while we can expect to see more fans in the stands after the Governor’s Office of the State of Oregon revealed that Hayward Field will have a capacity of 4,400 fans per day for the NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Track and Field Championships.

In order to provide a safe environment for everyone and to continue following the CDC COVID-19 health and safety protocols, fans attending the championships are required to wear face coverings.

Women Hunting NCAA Outdoor Championships Double

However, there will be sections only available to fully vaccinated patrons, who must show proof of vaccination upon entry. Additionally, there will be physically distanced sections for unvaccinated patrons.

The Championships will begin on Wednesday with the men’s semi-finals and they will return on Friday for the championship races. The women will race in the semis on Thursday and come back for the finals on Saturday.

How Many Big 12 Teams Heading To 2021 NCAA Outdoor Championships?

ESPN Live Broadcast Times and Full Information.

EventStart Time (ET)NetworkLink
Decathlon 100 Meters & Decathlon Long Jump4:00 PMESPN3Watch Here
Men’s Hammer5:30 PMESPN3Watch Here
Decathlon Shot Put5:55 PMESPN3Watch Here
Decathlon High Jump7:10 PMESPN3Watch Here
NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championship8:00 PMESPNUWatch Here
Men’s Pole Vault8:30 PMESPN3Watch Here
NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championship9:00 PMESPN2Watch Here
Men’s Javelin9:15 PMESPN3Watch Here
Men’s Long Jump9:30 PMESPN3Watch Here
Men’s Shot Put10:10 PMESPN3Watch Here
EventStart Time (ET)NetworkLink
Decathlon 110 Meter Hurdles12:30 PMESPN3Watch Here
Decathlon Discus1:20 PMESPN3Watch Here
Decathlon Pole vault2:30 PMESPN3Watch Here
Decathlon 100 Meter4:00 PMESPN3Watch Here
Women’s Hammer4:00 PMESPN3Watch Here
Decathlon Javelin5:00 PMESPN3Watch Here
NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championship6:30 PMESPN2Watch Here
Women’s Pole Vault7:00 PMESPN3Watch Here
Women’s Javelin7:45 PMESPN3Watch Here
Women’s Long Jump8:00 PMESPN3Watch Here
Women’s Shot Put8:40 PMESPN3Watch Here
EventStart Time (ET)NetworkLink
Heptathlon 100 Meter Hurdles3:00 PMESPN3Watch Here
Heptathlon High Jump and Heptathlon Shot Put4:00 PMESPN3Watch Here
Men’s High Jump7:30 PMESPN3Watch Here
Men’s Discus7:35 PMESPN3Watch Here
NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championship8:00 PMESPN2Watch Here
Men’s Triple Jump8:20 PMESPN3Watch Here
EventStart Time (ET)NetworkLink
Heptathlon Long Jump2:00 PMESPN3Watch Here
Heptathlon Javelin3:15 PMESPN3Watch Here
Women’s High Jump5:30 PMESPN3Watch Here
Women’s Discus5:35 PMESPN3Watch Here
NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championship6:00 PMESPNUWatch Here
Women’s Triple Jump6:20 PMESPN3Watch Here
Trophy Ceremony8:30 PMESPN3Watch Here

The 2021 NCAA Outdoor Championships Schedule

Hammer for Men and Women will be conducted outside the stadium.

 Track Events  
5:02 PM4×100 RelaySemifinalMen
5:16 PM1500 MetersSemifinalMen
5:32 PM 3000 SteeplechaseSemifinalMen
6:02 PM110 HurdlesSemifinalMen
6:16 PM100 MetersSemifinalMen
6:30 PM400 MetersSemifinalMen
6:44 PM800 MetersSemifinalMen
7:00 PM400 HurdlesSemifinalMen
7:14 PM200 MetersSemifinalMen
7:26 PM400 MetersDecathlonMen
7:38 PM10,000 MetersFinalMen
8:18 PM4×400 RelaySemifinalMen
 Field Events  
2:30 PM*HammerFinalMen
5:30 PMPole VaultFinalMen
6:15 PMJavelinFinalMen
6:30 PMLong JumpFinalMen
7:10 PMShot PutFinalMen
 Combined Events  
1:00 PM100 MetersDecathlonMen
1:40 PMLong JumpDecathlonMen
2:55 PMShot PutDecathlonMen
4:10 PMHigh JumpDecathlonMen
7:26 PM400 MetersDecathlonMen
 Track Events  
3:32 PM4×100 RelaySemifinalWomen
3:46 PM1500 MetersSemifinalWomen
4:02 PM 3000 SteeplechaseSemifinalWomen
4:32 PM100 HurdlesSemifinalWomen
4:46 PM100 MetersSemifinalWomen
5:00 PM400 MetersSemifinalWomen
5:14 PM800 MetersSemifinalWomen
5:30 PM400 HurdlesSemifinalWomen
5:44 PM200 MetersSemifinalWomen
5:56 PM1500 MetersDecathlonMen
6:08 PM10,000 MetersFinalWomen
6:48 PM4×400 RelaySemifinalWomen
 Field Events  
1:00 PM*HammerFinalWomen
4:00 PMPole VaultFinalWomen
4:45 PMJavelinFinalWomen
5:00 PMLong JumpFinalWomen
5:40 PMShot PutFinalWomen
 Combined Events  
9:30 AM110 HurdlesDecathlonMen
10:20 AMDiscusDecathlonMen
11:20 AMPole VaultDecathlonMen
2:00 PMJavelinDecathlonMen
5:56 PM1500 MetersDecathlonMen
 Track Events  
5:02 PM4×100 RelayFinalMen
5:11 PM1500 MetersFinalMen
5:24 PM 3000 SteeplechaseFinalMen
5:42 PM110 HurdlesFinalMen
5:52 PM100 MetersFinalMen
6:02 PM400 MetersFinalMen
6:14 PM800 MetersFinalMen
6:27 PM400 HurdlesFinalMen
6:37 PM200 MetersFinalMen
6:43 PM200 MetersHeptathlonWomen
6:55 PM5000 MetersFinalMen
7:21 PM4×400 RelayFinalMen
 Field Events  
4:30 PMHigh JumpFinalMen
4:35 PMDiscusFinalMen
5:20 PMTriple JumpFinalMen
 Combined Events  
12:00 PM100 HurdlesHeptathlonWomen
1:00 PMHigh JumpHeptathlonWomen
3:00 PMShot PutHeptathlonWomen
6:43 PM200 MetersHeptathlonWomen
 Track Events  
3:02 PM4×100 RelayFinalWomen
3:11 PM1500 MetersFinalWomen
3:24 PM 3000 SteeplechaseFinalWomen
3:42 PM100 HurdlesFinalWomen
3:52 PM100 MetersFinalWomen
4:02 PM400 MetersFinalWomen
4:14 PM800 MetersFinalWomen
4:27 PM400 HurdlesFinalWomen
4:37 PM200 MetersFinalWomen
4:43 PM800 MetersHeptathlonWomen
4:55 PM5000 MetersFinalWomen
5:21 PM4×400 RelayFinalWomen
 Field Events  
2:30 PMHigh JumpFinalWomen
2:35 PMDiscusFinalWomen
3:20 PMTriple JumpFinalWomen
 Combined Events  
11:00 AMLong JumpHeptathlonWomen
12:15 PMJavelinHeptathlonWomen
4:43 PM800 MetersHeptathlonWomen

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