Emily Lipari 2022 USATF 1 Mile Road Championships results

The start list for the Elite women’s race at The Guardian Mile 2023, which takes on the Hope Memorial Bridge in Cleveland, OH, on Saturday (29). This year we will see another strong lineup, which will feature the likes of Emily Lipari, although some big names have withdrawn.

Lipari enters this weekend’s race as one of the favorites to win the women’s race, with the likes of Dani Jones, Taryn Rawlings, and South Africa’s Carina Vilijoen also set to compete.

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However, there were some late scratches this week, with Heather McLean and Helen Schlachfenhaufen headlining the list of athletes who have pulled out of race. Ethiopia’s Werkuha Getachew has also been removed from the start list.

The Guardian Mile 2023 Women’s Elite Entry List

Athlete Country PR’s
Tigist Ketema Ethiopia 4:00.91 (1500m)
Dani Jones USA 4:04.26, 4:26.75
Taryn Rawlings USA 4:05.02, 4:24.09
Alexina Teubel USA 4:05.79, 4:27.67
Carina Vilijoen South Africa 4:08.36, 4:29.03
Julia Rizk USA-Ohio 2:01, 4:32
Angel Piccirillo USA 4:06.96, 4:32.57
Taylor Werner USA 4:13.53, 4:32.93
Maddie Alm USA 4:13.64, 4:39.49
Emilee Trost USA 4:12.64, 4:37.57
Anna Connor USA 4:17.88, 4:35.96
Judith Jones USA-Ohio 4:19.58
Emily Atkin USA-Ohio 4:24
Gina McNamara USA 4:23.69, 4:39.67
Emily Lipari USA 4:05.68, 4:28.84

Scratched Athletes:

Athlete Country PR’s
Heather McLean USA 3:58.76, 4:23.03
Helen Schlachfenhaufen USA 4:01.09, 4:23.94
Julia Heymach USA 4:04.84, 4:31.35
Emily Richards USA-Ohio 2:00.20, 4:10.56, 4:33.41
Tori Gerlach USA 4:14.84, 4:37.29
Werkuha Getachew Ethiopia 1:56.67, 4:10, 8:54.61 (steeple)

Note: PR stands for Personal Record. Accommodations and email information have been excluded from the table.

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