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Latest Results: 2023 Fleet Feet Liberty Mile results; Amon Kemboi wins men’s race

Amon Kemboi formerly of Arkansas Razorbacks wins the 2023 Fleet Feet Liberty Mile

PITTSBURGH, PA, USA (July 10) – The 2023 Fleet Feet Liberty Mile, a thrilling one-mile race, took place on Friday (7) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and we saw some quality performances, as Canada’s Stefanie Parsons and Amon Kemboi won the women’s and men’s respective Elite races.

The U-shaped, USATF certified course attracted a strong field of runners, despite the absence of the top American athletes who were at the USATF Outdoor Championships, and the victories in the respective professional races, as expected went to a non-American.

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Stefanie Parsons of Canada won the women’s title, breaking the tape at a time of 4:35. The 24-year-old also collected USD $4000 for her victory on the day.

Grace Barnett of the ASICS Mammoth Track Club secured second place with a time of 4:39, followed closely by Gina McNamara from the Georgetown Running Club, who also went 4:39 for third place. The top three finishers earned cash prizes of $4000, $2000, and $1000, respectively. Stephanie Brokaw, Emi Trost, Ellen Feringa, Maria Seykora, and Lauren Finikiotis rounded out the remaining positions.

In the men’s professional race, Kenya’s Amon Kemboi, from the Puma Elite Running, showed his quality, crossing the finish line in time of 4:00.

Australia’s Jack Anstey of Under Armour Mission Run/Dark Sky Distance closely followed with a time of 4:01, while Ben Blankenship secured third place with a time of 4:02. Like the women’s the top three finishers on the men’s side earned cash prizes of $4000, $2000, and $1000, respectively.

The event witnessed a total of 19 finishers in the professional races, comprising 11 men and 8 women, surpassing last year’s participation of 18. Additionally, a total of 1255 individuals competed across various other categories, indicating a substantial increase of 43% from 2022’s 877 participants, according the Race Results Weekly report.

Race Results Here

2023 Fleet Feet Liberty Mile Results


  1. Stefanie Parsons (Canada), 4:35
  2. Grace Barnett, ASICS Mammoth Track Club, 4:39
  3. Gina McNamara , Georgetown Running Club, 4:39
  4. Stephanie Brokaw, 4:43
  5. Emi Trost, Minnesota Distance Elite, 4:47
  6. Ellen Feringa, Unattached, 4:50
  7. Maria Seykora, Philadelphia Runner TC, 4:54
  8. Lauren Finikiotis, Georgetown Running Club, 5:05

40+ WOMEN:

  1. Sara Zambotti, 42, Shelocta, PA, 5:33
  2. Stephanie Schofield, 44, Oakdale, PA, 5:43


  1. Amon Kemboi (Kenya), Puma Elite Running, 4:00
  2. Jack Anstey (Australia), Under Armour Mission Run/Dark Sky Distance, 4:01
  3. Ben Blankenship,, 4:02
  4. Reid Buchanan,, 4:02
  5. Nick Wolk, Pittsburgh Track Club, 4:02
  6. Jesse Hunt (Australia) Unattached, 4:02
  7. Colin Kelly,, 4:04
  8. Josh Higgins, Pittsburgh Track Club, 4:08
  9. Graham Crawford, Tracksmith, 4:08
  10. Elias Graca, Georgetown Running Club, 4:08
  11. Ben Veatch, Under Armour Mission Run/Dark Sky Distance, 4:14

40+ MEN:

  1. David Schofield, 41, Mechanicsburg, PA, 4:28
  2. Scott Wallace, 44, New Market, MD, 4:31
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