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Latest Results: Ednah Kurgat wins USATF women’s 6km Championship 2023

The latest road running results today as Ednah Kurgat triumphs in the USATF women's 6km Championship 2023 race, winning easily in a time of 18:31.

Ednah Kurgat wins USATF women's 6km Championship 2023
Ednah Kurgat wins USATF women's 6km Championship 2023

Ednah Kurgat displayed her championship pedigree at the USATF Women’s 6km Championship 2023, held in Canton, Ohio, on Saturday. With her wealth of experience, Kurgat outshone a highly talented field to claim victory in a quality time of 18 minutes and 31 seconds. The event served as the seventh stop on the 2023 USATF Running Circuit.

In a fierce battle during the final stage of the competition, Nell Rojas fought valiantly and managed to secure second place, crossing the finish line in a time of 18:33. Meanwhile, Annie Rodenfels once again found herself on the podium, clinching third place with a time of 18:34.

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Throughout the race, Ednah Kurgat, the 2017 NCAA Cross Country champion, and Emma Hurley set the pace for the majority of the course. However, they faced tough competition from a group of four runners, including Nell Rojas and Annie Rodenfels, who remained within striking distance.

Kurgat and Hurley increased the tempo, completing the opening 4k in a time of 12 minutes and 20 seconds, a move that favored Kurgat’s relentless pursuit of victory. Seizing the opportunity, Kurgat cleverly upped the tempo again during the later kilometers, creating a significant gap between herself and the pursuing pack, including Hurley.

With just over half a mile left in the race, Kurgat launched a final surge, decisively distancing herself from her closest rival and securing a comfortable victory as she crossed the finish line in 18:31, landing her second USATF Running Circuit title of the 2023 season.

Rodenfels, last year’s runner-up, found herself settling for third place this year, as she was overtaken by Rojas in the final 50 meters of the race, finishing just three seconds behind the winner.

USATF Women’s 6 km Road Championship – hosted by Run to You Racing and the Women’s 6K Festival

Women’s Top Ten Results

  1. Ednah Kurgat – Colorado Springs, CO – 18:30.52
  2. Nell Rojas – Boulder, CO – 18:32.36
  3. Annie Rodenfels – Roslindale, MA – 18:33.63
  4. Emma Grace Hurley – Atlanta, GA – 18:35.27
  5. Tristin Van Ord – Blowing Rock, NC – 18:38.72
  6. Emily Lipari – Kailua, HI – 18:40.67
  7. Anne-Marie Blaney – Rochester, MI – 18:53.57
  8. Kassie Parker – Dubuque, IA – 19:06.71
  9. Olivia Pratt – Rochester, MI – 19:08.30
  10. Molly Grabill – Louisville, CO – 19:10.48
  11. Sammy George – Flagstaff, AZ – 19:15.61
  12. Erika Kemp – Providence, RI – 19:27.84
  13. Jessa Hanson – Johnson City, TN – 19:34.73
  14. Kayla Knapp – San Carlos, CA – 19:34.98
  15. Danielle Shanahan – Flagstaff, AZ – 19:35.99
  16. Madey Dickson – Herriman, UT – 19:42.24
  17. Micaela Rivera – Herriman, UT – 19:55.07
  18. Bridget Belyeu – Newnan, GA – 20:09.26
  19. Alexa Hadley – Canfield, OH – 20:11.82
  20. Annmarie Tuxbury – Blowing Rock, NC – 20:22.20
  21. Bria Wetsch – Englewood, CO – 20:33.51
  22. Peri Pavicic – Washington, DC – 20:38.79
  23. Audrey Belf – Reston, VA – 21:55.64

Full results here

About the USATF Running Circuit

The USATF Women’s 6km Championship 2023 race is part of the 2023 USATF Running Circuit, showcasing a range of championship races spanning from one mile to the marathon.

Renowned for its ability to draw the crème de la crème of American distance runners, this circuit offers an impressive total prize money pool exceeding $500,000. The USATF Women’s 6 km Championship stands out within this esteemed lineup, promising a noteworthy share of $20,000 in prize money.

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