Jakob Ingebrigtsen winning the men's 1500m title at the 2022 European Athletics Championships

BUDAPEST, Hungary (August 19) — Jakob Ingebrigtsen, the world-leader in the men’s 1500m, effortlessly secured his spot in the semifinals on Day One of the 2023 World Athletics Championships, registering a swift 3:33.94. The Norwegian sensation, who clinched a silver medal at the 2022 championships in Eugene, Oregon, is keen on elevating his standing this year.

Accompanying Ingebrigtsen from the first heat were Great Britain’s Josh Kerr, who finished a close second with 3:34.00, and Kenya’s Reynold Kipkorir Cheruiyot, who claimed the third spot with 3:34.24.

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The subsequent heat witnessed a tight finish, with Spain’s Mario Garcia emerging victorious with a time of 3:46.77. He was closely trailed by Tshepo Tshite of South Africa (3:46.79), Great Britain’s Neil Gourley (3:46.87), and Samuel Tanner of New Zealand (3:46.93), all finishing within a hair’s breadth of each other.

Dutch prodigy Niels Laros and Kenya’s Abel Kipsang dominated the remaining heats. Laros, displaying impeccable form, clinched the top position in the final heat with 3:34.25. Kipsang mirrored this time, taking the lead in the third heat.

Other standout performers advancing to the semifinals include USA’s duo Yared Nuguse (3:34.16) and Cole Hocker (3:34.43), Spain’s Mohamed Katir (3:34.34), and New Zealand’s Adam Spencer (3:34.17).

Expect the tempo to increase in the semifinal races when these men return to race again on Sunday, 20 August.

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Men’s 1500m Results From The Heats On Day One

Men’s 1500m Results Heat 1:

2Josh KERRGBR3:34.00 Q
3Reynold Kipkorir CHERUIYOTKEN3:34.24 Q
4Adel MECHAALESP3:34.35 Q
5Isaac NADERPOR3:34.36 Q
8Samuel ZELEKEETH3:36.57
9Abraham GUEMSSD3:37.85 PB
10Ryan MPHAHLELERSA3:39.16
11Yervand MKRTCHYANARM3:39.35 NR
12Nicholas GRIGGSIRL3:40.72
13Matthew RAMSDENAUS3:46.45
14Tom ELMERSUI3:55.72

Men’s 1500m Results Heat 2:

1Mario GARCÍAESP3:46.77 Q
2Tshepo TSHITERSA3:46.79 Q
3Neil GOURLEYGBR3:46.87 Q
4Samuel TANNERNZL3:46.93 Q
5Ruben VERHEYDENBEL3:47.02 Q
6Timothy CHERUIYOTKEN3:47.09 Q
7Joonas RINNEFIN3:47.16
8Joe WASKOMUSA3:47.26
9Hicham AKANKAMMAR3:47.45
10Luke MCCANNIRL3:47.48
11Teddese LEMIETH3:47.49
14Julian RANCFRA3:48.63

Men’s 1500m Results Heat 3:

1Niels LAROSNED3:34.25 Q
2Mohamed KATIRESP3:34.34 Q
3Cole HOCKERUSA3:34.43 Q
4Pietro ARESEITA3:34.48 Q
5Narve Gilje NORDÅSNOR3:34.67 Q
6Azeddine HABZFRA3:35.16 Q
7Stewart MCSWEYNAUS3:36.01
8Kieran LUMBCAN3:36.66
9Abdellatif SADIKIMAR3:37.19
10Elzan BIBIĆSRB3:37.45
11István SZÖGIHUN3:37.57
12Abu MAYANJAUGA3:38.15
13Ajay Kumar SAROJIND3:38.24 PB
14Diego Javier LACAMOIREARG3:38.92 PB
15Ismael DEBJANIBEL3:39.73

Men’s 1500m Results Heat 4:

1Abel KIPSANGKEN3:34.08 Q
2Yared NUGUSEUSA3:34.16 Q
3Adam SPENCERAUS3:34.17 Q
4Charles GRETHENLUX3:34.32 QSB
5Elliot GILESGBR3:34.63 Q
6Andrew COSCORANIRL3:34.75 Q
7Ossama MESLEKITA3:35.12
8Salim KEDDARALG3:35.17
9Jochem VERMEULENBEL3:35.45
10Anass ESSAYIMAR3:35.63
11Michał ROZMYSPOL3:36.26 SB
12Raphael PALLITSCHAUT3:36.47 PB
13Kristian Uldbjerg HANSENDEN3:37.27 PB
14Adisu GIRMAETH3:45.86

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