University of Colorado cross country Time Trial Result

The following are the top 25 results from the University of Colorado cross country Time Trial, and Open season opener on Friday morning (1) at the Buffalo Run Cross Country Course. Among the notable runners in action was Natalie Cook, who finished 11th in her first race since transferring from Oklahoma State.

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Cook, who is running injury-free again, clocked 19:17.5, competing as an unattached University of Colorado athlete. Samree Dishon, also running as an unattached University of Colorado athlete, won the women’s race with a time of 18:53.0, just ahead of Colorado’s Emily Covert (18:53.2) and Katie Doucette (18:53.2), who ran as (UNA-Colorado).

Complete Top 25 Women and Men in Colorado cross country Time Trial and Open on September 1, 2023

Women’s 5310 Meters Individual Results (5.31k)

1Samree DishonJuniorUNA-Colorado05:43.418:53.0
2Emily CovertJR-3Colorado05:43.418:53.2
3Katie DoucetteJuniorUNA-Colorado05:43.418:53.2
4Karrie BalogaUNA-Colorado05:43.518:53.4
5Clare PetersSR-4Colo. Sch. of Mines05:43.618:53.7
6Holly MoserJR-3Colo. Sch. of Mines05:45.118:58.9
7Grace StrongmanSO-2Colo. Sch. of Mines05:45.619:00.6
8Jenna Ramsey-RutledgeJR-3Colo. Sch. of Mines05:46.219:02.5
9Molly MaksinSR-4Colo. Sch. of Mines05:47.219:05.8
10Whitney ValentiSO-2Colorado05:47.819:07.7
11Natalie CookSophomoreUNA-Colorado05:50.819:17.5
12Alexis HerrSO-2Colo. Sch. of Mines05:52.219:22.2
13Paige TackJR-3Colo. Christian05:52.619:23.5
14Margaux BasartSO-2Colo. Sch. of Mines05:54.819:30.9
15Elliot PribramskySO-2Colorado05:55.619:33.6
16Emily LaMenaUNA-Colo. Sch. of Mines05:57.419:39.4
17Shannon KingJR-3Colo. Christian06:01.019:51.2
18Lucy PidekJR-3Colo. Christian06:03.419:59.1
19Riley McGrathSR-4Colo. Sch. of Mines06:03.519:59.7
20Karina AndersenSO-2Colorado06:03.920:00.7
21Tiya ChamberlainSO-2Colorado06:05.120:04.7
22Zanzie DemcoSR-4Colo. Christian06:05.720:06.8
23Sierra ParksFR-1Colorado06:06.220:08.4
24Molly MillerSR-4Colo. Christian06:07.020:10.9
25Michelle BurroughsJR-3Colo. Christian06:11.620:26.2

Men’s 7080 Meters Individual Results (7.08k)

1Alexander VanceJR-3Colo. Christian04:56.621:45.1
2John O’MalleySR-4Colo. Sch. of Mines04:58.421:52.9
3Elias LindgrenUnattached04:58.821:54.7
4Andrew KayeSR-4Colo. Sch. of Mines04:59.921:59.6
5Isaiah GivensFR-1Colorado05:00.722:03.0
6Noah HibbardJR-3Colorado05:00.722:03.1
7James OverbergSO-2Colorado05:00.822:03.3
8Grady RaubaSO-2Colorado05:00.922:03.7
9Paul StaffordSeniorUNA-Colorado05:00.922:03.8
10Austin VancilSeniorUNA-Colorado05:00.922:04.0
11Hunter AppletonJR-3Colorado05:01.022:04.1
12Caleb NiednagelSophomoreColorado05:02.522:10.8
13Ethan GrolnicSO-2Colo. Sch. of Mines05:03.022:13.1
14Charles WelchSO-2Colorado05:04.422:19.1
15Brendan FraserUnattached05:04.522:19.5
16Jake DerouinSO-2Colorado05:05.222:22.9
17Alberto CampaSO-2Colo. Sch. of Mines05:05.622:24.7
18Trent CochranSR-4Colo. Christian05:07.222:31.4
19Conner WingfieldFR-1Colorado05:09.922:43.5
20Charles RobertsonFR-1Colorado05:10.922:47.9
21Braden StruhsFR-1Colo. Sch. of Mines05:11.522:50.5
22Ben GreeneSO-2Colorado05:11.722:51.2
23Drew CostelowUNA-Colorado05:12.722:55.7
24Alex BacaSO-2Colorado05:13.923:01.1
25Antonio Camacho-BucksUNA-Colorado05:14.323:03.0

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