Results, team scores: Notre Dame swept 2023 National Catholic Invitational cross country

Notre Dame 2023 National Catholic Invitational cross country meeting results and team scores as the home team swept the event with a pair of top performances.

Results, team scores: Notre Dame swept 2023 National Catholic Invitational cross country
Notre Dame swept 2023 National Catholic Invitational cross country

Host Notre Dame swept the 2023 National Catholic Invitational cross country meeting on Friday (15) with a pair of dominating performances at the Burke Golf Course. In addition, Joshua Methner and Siona Chisholm secured the individual race titles.

In the men’s team scores, the Fighting Irish tallied a perfect 15 points for the 8k race, with all five scorers crossing the finishing line in the top five spots –led by Methner, who won the race with a time of 24:04.8.

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Jake Renfree (24:14), Robert Cozean (24:15.4), Quinn Gallagher (24:15.8), and Tyler Berg (24:16.8) were the other scorers for Notre Dame.

Completing the top five team scores were Loyola (Ill.) in second place with 49 points, followed by Lewis (105) Loras (105), and Duquesne (135).

Meanwhile, Notre Dame also easily captured the women’s team title at the 2023 National Catholic Invitational cross country, finishing with a mere 18 points. Loyola (Ill.) took second place with 60pts, followed by Lewis (65) Duquesne (103), and San Diego (174).

2023 National Catholic Invitational Cross Country Team Scores

Men’s Team Score

PLTeamTotal TimeAvg. TimeScore
1Notre Dame2:01:0624:13:0015
2Loyola (Ill.)2:04:3424:54:0049
6Detroit Mercy2:15:5527:11:00202
7San Diego2:17:5827:35:00219
9Franciscan (Ohio)2:31:1630:15:00281
10St. Norbert2:26:3129:18:00288

Women’s Team Scores

PLTeamTotal TimeAvg. TimeScore
1Notre Dame1:26:1117:1418
2Loyola (Ill.)1:30:3618:0760
5San Diego1:35:4819:09174
7Detroit Mercy1:37:4719:33201
8St. Norbert1:40:0220:00246
10Franciscan (Ohio)1:43:3320:42282

Men’s 8000 Meters Individual Results (8k)

1Joshua MethnerJR-3Notre Dame04:49.024:04.8
2Jake RenfreeSR-4Notre Dame04:50.824:14.0
3Robert CozeanJR-3Notre Dame04:51.124:15.4
4Quinn GallagherSR-4Notre Dame04:51.224:15.8
5Tyler BergSR-4Notre Dame04:51.424:16.8
6Kevin SanchezUNA-Notre Dame04:52.724:23.4
7Jason ClaytonSO-2Loyola (Ill.)04:54.524:32.2
8Gabe HinrichsFR-1Notre Dame04:55.024:34.6
9CJ SingletonFR-1Notre Dame04:56.824:43.9
10Gabe SmitJR-3Loyola (Ill.)04:58.924:54.5
11Cael MulhollandFR-1Loyola (Ill.)04:59.024:54.7
12Fionn HarringtonSO-2Loyola (Ill.)04:59.424:56.9
13Tom SeitzerSR-4Notre Dame05:00.225:00.6
14Braden YorkSR-4Niagara05:01.325:06.4
15Vincent MauriSR-4Notre Dame05:02.425:11.6
16Rishabh PrakashSR-4Notre Dame05:02.625:12.7
17Jake PhillipsFR-1Loyola (Ill.)05:03.225:16.0
18Sam RichFR-1Notre Dame05:03.725:18.1
19John SchulerFR-1Notre Dame05:04.025:19.8
20Nate BoutinFR-1Loyola (Ill.)05:04.425:22.0

Women’s 5000 Meters Individual Results (5k)

1Siona ChisholmJR-3Notre Dame05:23.616:45.4
2Grace SchagerUNA-Notre Dame05:24.616:48.6
3Erin StrzeleckiJR-3Notre Dame05:25.016:49.9
4Andrea MarkezichSR-4Notre Dame05:27.216:56.5
5Gretchen FarleyUNA-Notre Dame05:27.416:57.3
6Arianne OlsonFreshmanUNA-Notre Dame05:34.217:18.4
7Caroline LehmanFR-1Notre Dame05:42.417:43.8
8Grace KuhnJR-3Loyola (Ill.)05:42.417:43.8
9Bella GuillamondeguiUNA-Notre Dame05:44.317:49.7
10Hannah SmrckaJR-3Lewis05:44.417:50.2
11Haley HamiltonJR-3Duquesne05:46.217:55.7
12Claire SievernSR-4Notre Dame05:46.317:56.1
13Sophie NovakSO-2Notre Dame05:46.617:57.0
14Abbey KozakJR-3Lewis05:47.818:00.5
15Grace JostockJR-3Loyola (Ill.)05:49.518:06.0
16Caroline Pacer-RyanSR-4Lewis05:50.018:07.5
17Eileen SeebonFR-1Loyola (Ill.)05:50.418:08.7
18Charlotte TuressonSO-2Notre Dame05:51.818:13.0
19Lilian MatawaySO-2Loyola (Ill.)05:52.718:15.9
20Paige GrantSO-2Notre Dame05:53.218:17.3
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