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NEW YORK (Nov. 05) — Here are the top 30 finishers in the women’s race at the 2023 USATF 5K Championships at Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K on Saturday. It was a day to remember for Annie Rodenfels, who won her first national title, clocking 15:22 to ease to victory over a very strong field.

Rodenfels, the three-time NCAA Division III champion, improved on her fourth-place finish in 2022. The 27-year-old Boston native was joined on the podium by Olympian Rachel Smith, who clocked in at 15:26 for second place, and Bethany Hasz, who took third in 15:27.

“My coach (Irish Olympian Mark Carroll) said, if you’re there at two miles you’ll win. I was like, yeah, whatever,” Rodenfels, who trains with the Boston Athletic Association High Performance Team, told Race Results Weekly.

“I was there at two miles and I’m like, maybe I should go now,” Rodenfels recounted.  “So I just took it and kind of hoped they were also as tired as I was but not going to hang on.”

The Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K annually provides TCS New York City Marathon supporters, friends, and families the opportunity to join in on the thrill of marathon race week. 

When two-time reigning champion Weini Kelati (Under Armour/Dark Sky Distance) shot to the front right from the gun, Rodenfels stayed slightly back.  She also didn’t surge to catch

Marathoner runner Keira D’Amato, who revealed after the race that she was running on tired legs, finished fourth in 15:27.8, while two-time defending champion Weini Kelati also missed out on a podium finish, crossing fifth at 15:30.

Other notable finishers were ninth-place Emma Grace Hurley (15:46), Abbey Cooper (15:54) in 12th and Colleen Quigley (16:11) in 14th.

Women Results: 2023 USATF 5K Championships at Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K

  1. Annie Rodenfels, BOSTON, MA, 15:22
  2. Rachel Smith, FLAGSTAFF, AZ, 15:26
  3. Bethany Hasz, BOSTON, MA, 15:27
  4. Keira D’Amato, MIDLOTHIAN, VA, 15:28
  5. Weini Kelati, FLAGSTAFF, AZ, 15:30
  6. Katie Camarena, RAMONA, CA, 15:37
  7. Amanda Vestri, BOONE, NC, 15:38
  8. Sammy McClintock, FLAGSTAFF, AZ, 15:41
  9. Emma Grace Hurley, ATLANTA, GA, 15:46
  10. Danielle Polerecky, FLAGSTAFF, AZ, 15:52
  11. Cailie Logue, AMES, IA, 15:54
  12. Abbey Cooper, BOONE, NC, 15:54
  13. Megan Hasz, BOSTON, MA, 15:58
  14. Colleen Quigley, FLAGSTAFF, AZ, 16:11
  15. Elle Orie, BUFFALO, NY, 16:13
  16. Savannah Shaw, RALEIGH, NC, 16:22
  17. Roberta Groner, LEDGEWOOD, NJ, 16:29
  18. Ellie Leather, GBR, 16:30
  19. Abigail Kohut-Jackson, BALTIMORE, MD, 16:30
  20. Kassie Parker, ROCHESTER, MI, 16:32
  21. Abbe Goldstein, BALTIMORE, MD, 16:48
  22. Erin Jaskot, BLAUVELT, NY, 16:50
  23. Alana Levy, NEW YORK, NY, 16:51
  24. Maria Seykora, BROOMALL, PA, 16:54
  25. Teagan Becker, PRINCETON, NJ, 16:59
  26. Courtney Barnes, SANTA BARBARA, CA, 17:03
  27. Annika Urban, ATLANTA, GA, 17:04
  28. Amanda Asaro, NEW YORK, NY, 17:09
  29. Kate MacCary, NEW YORK, NY, 17:11
  30. Aileen Barry, MANHASSET, NY, 17:11
  31. Brooke Starn, DANVILLE, CA, 17:16
  32. Lydia Olivere, WILMINGTON, DE, 17:17
  33. Henna Rustami, SYOSSET, NY, 17:18
  34. Anna Jurew, NEW YORK, NY, 17:22
  35. Zariel Macchia, SHIRLEY, NY, 17:27
  36. Victoria Kingham, NEW YORK, NY, 17:30
  37. Lindsey Adams, AUBURN, CA, 17:30
  38. Jane Miller, PHOENIX, AZ, 17:30

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