By Steve Campbell, World-Track

BERLIN — It seems as if the commanding performances in both the 100 metres and 4x100m relay by Shelly Ann Fraser was not enough to satisfy some of the Jamaican followers, who apparently criticized the sprinter for showing up late to celebrate the relay victory with her team-mates.

Fraser ran a towering second leg that set up an easy victory for the Jamaican women’s 4x100m team at the World Championships in Berlin, last week, but was then held up by officials which delayed her arrival in the celebration with countrywomen Simone Facey, Aleen Bailey and Kerron Stewart.

Her heart-to-heart performances which included her adding the World 100m title to the Olympic crown she won in Beijing last year, seem to not have been enough for some Jamaicans who said she was disrespectful for not joining her teammates to celebrate the victory.

So in an attempt to clear the air, the soft-spoken speedster gave her side of the story and even apologised to the fans, something those silly complainers should feel small about.

"I don’t understand why there is such a big fuss about why I was not celebrating," Fraser said. "I would not do that. I was trying to get back around to the team (fast), but the track referee told me to walk the next way.

"I do apologize if anybody got it wrong … I was celebrating and I hope Jamaica will get to see the celebration with all four of us and not just three athletes."

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