INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana — Sprinter Tyson Gay?s resolutions for 2010 are simple – stay injury-free, run super-fast and put on some great shows against Jamaican superstar Usain Bolt.

“I?m not training yet,” said Gay, who underwent groin surgery five weeks ago. “I have about three more weeks of rehab, then I?ll get back into the swing of things.”

That includes challenging Bolt, the reigning world and Olympic champion and world record-holder at 100 and 200 meters. US star Gay spoke with Bolt a few weeks ago in France.

“He?s cool,” Gay said Saturday. “He asked me how my surgery went and told me to get back healthy. He said, ‘We have to put on a great show next year, so get ready to run.'”

Gay and Bolt are set to meet in three IAAF Diamond League competitions next year.

“I?m not sure yet which meets I?m going to run because my season has been set back a few months,” Gay said….

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  1. wake up man u beat him in 2007 osaka u cannot repeat that feat stop living in the past. i wonder what injury he’el come up with now that the so call injury has been exhausted 4 this season

  2. The reporter wrote Tyson Gay tied the 100m world record in 2008. Maybe that reporter should get their track and field statistics proper and stop making Tyson better then what he is. The world record was 9.74sec in 2007 so how did Tyson gay tie it in 2008 with 9.77? Tyson has never tied the world record… ever. Further more the world record was not 9.77 in 2008.

  3. I like his attitude. Tyson is coming to fight and he believes in himself. bolt is a beast but so is Tyson. If you can run the 100m in 9.69 then you can beat anyone out there including Bolt. This summer is going to be fun.

  4. Please believe tyson is able to beat bolt but bolt is able to beat him also. the man had groin surgery and if u look at his races he gets left in the blocks every race and still ran 9.69. he said it hurt to push off the blocks and now that the surgery has healed that problem i have to save i think he can beat bolt. but he has to run the perfect race. their top end speed is equal, if he can come off the blocks with bolt its anybody’s race, i wouldnt be so quick to just say he cant beat bolt..

  5. tyson gay was injued in 2008 before the olypics and failed to reach the final, last year he complained of a groin injury but kept running faster and faster, i am really puzzled i think his injury might be more in his head as a precaution in the event he loses then he can always say he was injured , i am really sick and tired of this guy to me he is a coward. whatever he runs bolt will run quicker its that simple. its time for asafa to get his act together and put tyson gay out of his misery.

  6. walter i keep saying the same thing over and over my exact sentiments i also felt he was playing psychological games with asafa 2 let asafa put his guard down

  7. yes minnie and after he defeated asafa at osaka 2007 ,he, asafa was now coming into form after an injury he ran 9.74 in italy and tyson gay didnt want to face him then, he complained he was tired,just like he complained after bolt destroyed him in the 100 metres in berlin last year he pulled out of the 200 metres because he didnt want to lose another race to bolt and possibly others. he then returned for the relay because he felt they could win gold. .yes minnie he is into mind games, it wont work with usain bolt, he just kicks behinds in the coolest of fashions.

  8. bolt a dogheart him no business with whether you want to b injured or not there was nothing wrong with gay as some1 posted on track alerts he just had some mould on his balls that caused him some irritation. how can som1 walk with a groin injury much less run; from that time i lost respect for him. when he defeated bolt in osaka did you see bolt make excuse in fact he said i tried to catch him but he was too fast for me and he went home and stepped up his game to return to china to kick his ass.

  9. tyson is specialist of the 200m but as usa has not a 100m runner tyson is trying to ensure the 100m as he can!!but his doing still very well!!i don’t think tyson is playing mind games,usain surely know that too coz tyson is the only one who can beat usain in the 100m and 200m!!and with the new rules coming now!!(no false start)we will see who is better

  10. What are you talking about that we will see who is better? Did you not watch the Olympics or the World Championships? We have already seen who is better. There is a reason that Usain is “King of the Sprints” and the fastest man in the world. Because he is better. Tyson Gay has neither held any of those distinctions nor has he ever broken a world record. The world already knows who is better.

    Don’t even get me started on your statement that the USA doesnt have a 100m runner. You can’t possibly be serious. Should I also point out that Usain is also a 200m specialist (just like Tyson) and only started running in the 100 so that he wouldn’t have to do the 400m? Whatever point you were trying to go with there is ridiculous. If you think a healthy Usain could ever lose to a healthy Tyson in the 200 then you need to bottle and sell whatever it is you are smoking.

  11. Mr Jonathan…Tyson Chicken…sorry, i meant Tyson Gay…has been running the 100m as far back as he,s been doing the 200m….he has numerous 100m state records…but you know what…cut a long story short…what i think you should do, is…before you start writing crap….consult the Wikipedia…then you will see who is specialist over what distant and for how long….and about the advise that my friend Stacy just gave to you….”that you need to bottle and sell whatever it is you are smoking”…please dont….because it,s very hard coping with a couple of your kind right now….can you imagine what it would be like with more DELUSIONALS.

  12. talking about specialist, i just read on the bbc website that michael johnson thinks usain bolt should switch to the 400 metres right now. his words remind me of a friend that advised me to buy some shares in world com. well the story goes world com tanked the ceo who sold all his shares is now in jail and they dont expect him to come out anytime in this century, in this case century doesnt mean 100 metres, but 100 years. just to stay on the thread here i think tyson is a specialist in pharmacology. just a little humour friends


  14. hi mami but i was telling you from the get go se me no trust him all a come a jamaica at usain party hissing teeth him and green and the one johnson just good to put in a barrel of dirt & roll down blue mountains they are frauds

  15. So let me get this straight. Since Bolt is king of the world, all other sprinters should simply give up and bow before him. Makes sense to me! Why didn’t I think of that?

  16. Tyson Gay is not some random guy off the streets. The man did work last year. The time he ran at World’s is still the 3rd fastest 100m time in history (9.71). That being said, if you can PB with a groin injury, then I’m sure the injury is just in your head. Still though, with Bolt running a 9.58 last year, even with a bad start or a less than perfect race, he still would have run under 9.71. 0.13 seconds is huge and it would take a big mistake for Bolt to lose. And if you look at what Bolt has already done this year (43.58 400m relay split), then you can see that he’s still improving. With that kind of endurance, he’s going to be coming through that 100m and 200m finish line harder than last year. Watch out Tyson Gay

  17. Hey Minnie, do you have the link to the article? I read this one today,_guinness,_breaking_another_wr_&_the_probability_of_running_9.4

    And I got to tell you that Bolt has me worried. I mean he had me worried in 2008 and 2009 because he seems to have such a lacadaisical attitude toward training and everyone was gunning for him. And of course he showed me that I should never underestimate his abilities and/or he pulled a Seabiscuit and was secret training on the sly. But now every sprinter in the world has taken dead aim at him I am wondering if he is taking the challenges seriously enough. I really doubt I’ll be reading stories about Tyson Gay club hopping and gulping the Guiness.

    And let’s not forget Wallace Spearmon who had knee surgery last year and still ran a fantastic time. A healthy Wallace who finally runs a fast turn I think will cause an upset unless Usain is pulling another Seabiscuit.

  18. mami check the my personal feeling is him dont talk what him know him cant do he is not like the others i feel seh him run that time already in practice more than one time and then him ready or confident to buss that news me no worried my girl. the other sprinters dont have what him have so them can gwaan aim


  20. Minnie, yu sound dead right wid dat statement. I truly believe that he has definitely run another mind boggling time in training already so he can relax here and there have a few beers and come out and decimate the field lol. I don’t believe that the bolter himself is even aware of his true potentials. Stacy, if Usain loses a race any time soon it will probably due to injuries not his night clubbing. This is something he has been doing since his teenager years partying and having fun and so far so good. I don’t see him giving it up tomorrow.

  21. Yeah Stacy! it’s probably true we may never read an article of Tyson gulping guiness and clubbing. But these two are so opposite .Usain the out going……… Tyson the soft spoken………….enough said. Rest assured the boltster know what is at stake and he will definitely be in tip top shape come rain or shine and will obliterate his competitors again and again! This guy is one for the ages.

  22. I thought in light of this conversation, you guys might find this article EXTREMELY interesting.

    Apparently since Usain left a club before sunrise, it has started an entire domino effect of speculation that he is not fit and has no endurance. After reading this, I have to start siding with you guys in thinking that Michael Johnson is up to something. What does Usain curtailing his partying have to do with his sprinting ability? Am I the only person who thinks it is a good thing? That if he seems more focused on training and less focused on partying that it means he is getting ready to throw down on the track? What am I missing here?

    If I were a rival and I heard that Usain was trading partying for harder training, I would be worried, because I have seen what the guy can do on little to no training. If he’s training more and perfecting his techniques, I would be very, very worried. I’m not in Jamaica, so maybe I’m missing something. Is something going on there with Usain I’m not aware of because this makes no logical sense to me.

  23. Stacy, Bolt’s performances this year will speak for themselves. It will dispel all the myths that are being propagated out there. Obviously Glen is running Bolt through the “Mill” and it will only be for his benefit. Usain has taken the initiative to take better care of body. That is simply it. But the media will never arrive at that fact because it never makes for a good story, even if the content they are conveying is the least bit logical.

    His rivals should take note, as he has already given forewarning. and a 43.58 relay spilt does not at all indicate that he is losing a thing. It only means that a 9.4 and a sub 19 are in the works

    Oh and Michael aint up to nothing: he’s just threatened by Bolt’s conscious decision to sacrifice the partying, and by that split he put down last month

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